18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


9. Date

Ashton's POV-

"Where are we going?" Lily asks as we walk around town.

"Somewhere!" I shout smirking.

"Are you going to kill me?" She asks in all seriousness.

"Not if I haven't yet." I say as we walk up to the place.

"Dinosaur Zoo Live?" She asks with a hint of excitement as she reads the sign.

"You like?" I ask walking to buy two tickets.

"Duh, I may actually like this date since you didn't let me choose where to go." She says wrapping her arm around mine. I smile as we walk. We take our seat and get all into the dinosaurs walking out on stage.

"They look so real!" She says leaning closer and slightly sticking out her tongue. I think I watch her more than the dinosaurs. We walk up on stage and get to pet the dinosaurs.

"Oh My God!" I hear Lily scream. I turn around and see one of them was biting on her arm. The worker's laugh at her as she freaks out.

"It's fake." I laugh as they pull it off her arm.

"Its teeth sure feel real!" she says rubbing her arm as a T-Rex wraps her in a hug.

"Quit taking pictures and help me here." She glares at me as I take a picture of her. I laugh and help her out his arms.

"Had enough of dinosaurs?" I ask her ask we walk off the stage.

"No, one hasn't eaten you yet." She grumbles walking ahead of me.

"Aw, you know you love me." I say.

"Do you love those drumsticks?" She asks pointing at the drumsticks I just picked up.

"Yes, why?" I ask scared.

"Because there about to be up your ass." She smiles a big smile. I laugh and wrap an arm around her.

"You would enjoy that very much wouldn't you?" I smirk to her.

"You know me so well." She says wrapping her arm around me.

I could get used to doing things like this with her every day. She looks around at all the people as we walk around. She loves to sight see.

"I want ice cream." She says looking at a vintage looking ice cream shop. I nod my head and we walk over.

We walk in and a little bell rings above our heads. Her eyes brighten as she looks around at everything. We sit at a table with little nix-knacks displayed in the windows. 

"Hello kids, what can I get ya today?" An old man asks us. He must own the place.

"I'll take a banana split." I say smiling.

"With two spoons?" He asks smiling. Lily nods her head. "Coming right up." He says walking behind the counter.

Lily watches them as him and his wife throw topping at each other with bug smiles. I smile at how they are old, but still pick with each other. I want a relationship like that one day.

"Here you go. You two are so cute together and so in love." The elderly woman says putting the dessert in between us.

"Thank you." Lily says sweetly as she grabs a spoon.

"You didn't deny that they said you loved me." I point out to her. She rolls her eyes and takes a bit. I feel something cold and wet hit my face. I look up to meet blue eyes and big smile that is slowly turning into a laugh. "You just throw ice cream at me." I say slowly. How has this girl not been killed by someone yet?

 "Oops?" She says like a question. 

"Oh hush!" I say flicking her with a piece of banana. She drops her mouth open in shock. I laugh at her and hear a flash come from beside us. We look over to see the old couple took a picture of us."

"Awe!" Lily squeals. This girl is capable of squealing?

"So damn cute isn't it?" I say laughing at her. She nods and continues eating her side of the banana split until we finish it. We get up and go pay.

"So you the Hemmings girl they found." The old woman says to Lily as she sees her drumsticks in her hands.

"Yes ma'am." She smiles to her. To people who don’t know her she looks harmless, then you break her drumstick and she is the devil.

"Can you fill this out?" She asks giving us a form.

"Sure, what is it?" I ask looking at the paper.

"It's for the newsletter, your umm…fake parents use to come here all the time when they were young and even sat in the same booth you did." She smiles sweetly to Lily. I see Lily's smile flatten when the woman says that.

"Oh that’s lovely; we must be on our way. Ashton hurry and fill that out or we will be late." She says smiling but glaring at me. I hurriedly fill it out and leave it con the counter. Lily pulls me out the place.

"Let it out." I say as she grips my arm.

"That old coot had the audacity to talk about those animals and compare my relationship to theirs!" She shouts to everyone who is listening.

"Relationship?" I ask her. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

"Yes, my relationship with you or whoever else I date is not to be compared to Eve and David." She says more calm.

"So we date now?" I ask as we walk back to the hotel.

"Fletcher, if you would like to keep play drums I suggest you shut up." She says giving a fake smile.

"Middle name base now Maria?" I ask her. She stops walking and looks at me.

"How did you find that out?" She asks looking at me.

"You brother may have let it slip." I smirk to her. She rolls her eyes and grabs onto my arm. I notice her shiver as wind blows by.  I give her my jacket I hadn’t worn today. She gladly takes it and puts it on.

"Thank you." She says finally. I laugh at her.

"How long did it take you to practice saying that?" I ask her with raised eyebrows.

"Forever, but thank you for this awesome date. It wasn't half bad." She says as we walk onto the elevator. 

"You’re welcome; I had a fun day with ya." I say to her. We get off and arrive at her and Luke's room.

"Uhm, I'll see ya tomorrow right?" She asks awkwardly. 

"Yes, we are riding a tour bus together." I say turning to walk down to my room.

"Right, goodnight Ash." She says walking into her room. I walk to mine with a big smile on my face.

"What are you smiling about?" Niall asks as I walk in.

"I just had the best date with a girl I like" I say grab pajama pants and changing before climbing in bed. I know I will be smiling even in my sleep after today. 

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