My Life(Draco Malfoy)

Draco's POV on being pushed to been horrible to other people and his years at hogwarts and after


3. third year

When I found out Potter fainted on he train because of dementors I knew it was something I had to pick on Jim about even if I didn't want to because of my dad.And I did especially on our first day of care of magical creatures with that oaf Hagrid as our teacher.And then I overreacted to Buck beak attacked me because I knew it would hurts Potter and his friends.Thats why I told my dad because I knew that they would get Buckbeak put down and that would hurt them all.And then I guess I liked the attention I got when I pretended to still have a hurt arm.So I wouldn't stop because for once Potter wasn't getting the attention.I know it sounds selfish of me but if you were me you would to.And then Lupin teaching DADA.And his bogart being the full moon what was that about.And that know-it-all Granger was being annoying on the day that Snape taught DADA.And Potter got all the attention when he saw dementors chasing him made him fall off his broom but man was it fun to see Dumbledore mad.It was also fun to watch his broom get torn to bits by the whomping willow just like my friendliness on the day he declined being my friend.And on the day we went to Hogsmeade I angered Granger and Weasley.But then I started getting pelted with snowballs and pulled around by an invisible force.Potters been going to Lupins office a lot lately I wonder why.I had to admire Granger for standing up to me knowing who my father is even I wouldn't stand up to me because of my father.I got angry no way past angry when I found out that that bloody hippogriff got away,Potter found Sirius Black and that Black escaped when he almost got the dementors kiss.I knew Potter was behind it all some how.I just couldn't prove it yet.

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