My Life(Draco Malfoy)

Draco's POV on being pushed to been horrible to other people and his years at hogwarts and after


4. Fourth Year

I saw Potter at the World Quidditch World Cup and then the Seath Eaters and the Dark Mark.At the big feast Dumbledore started to say that Hogwarts was hosting the Triwizard Tournament and that two other schools were coming.I wasn't interested so I didn't pay attention to the rest of the speech.And then days rolled by so slow and then suddenly it's choosing day.And the chosen are Cedric Diggery,Vikter Krum and Fleur Declare and then I got interested because the cups flames were turning red again and the next name that came out...You guessed it Potter.I was so angry he isn't seventeen yet and he somehow put his name in the cup.The next day a reporter from TheDailyProphet came and interviewed all the competitors.And she made Potter sound more heroic and better than he is.Once again the famous Potter gets into the Daily Prophet.Soon after the interviews there was the first challenge even I didn't think he deserved that dragon.But once that was over everyone wanted to know what the eggs said so they opened them and it sounded like a screeching banshee.And they closed them as quickly as they could.Everyone was clutching there ears.And then the second challenge came around and Potter got second for rescuing that two people yet he was last to come out of the water.And I don't even want to think about me being transformed into a ferret.Soon enough the last challenge came and we couldn't really see anything going on.But one person shot red sparks out of there wand and later Potter popped out of nowhere probably by portkey and he was holding Diggory's body but he wasn't moving and I realized he was dead.And then teachers started to make sure we stayed in our seats and Diggory's dad ran to his sin and Potter.PAnd then Moody dragged him away and then found out that Moody was Barty Crouch Jr.and he was hiding the real Moody.That was an interesting year.

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