My Life(Draco Malfoy)

Draco's POV on being pushed to been horrible to other people and his years at hogwarts and after


1. First Year

I had just got rejected by Harry as a friend I should have been nicer but I've been told to never be nice or respectful to other people than my family,Dark Lord,and other Death Eaters and on top of that I heard my dad saying that if The Dark Lord comes back I'd be marked.Which I don't want but if I say no I'll be killed.So I have to go along with everything they want me to.Ugg and I really wanted to be friends with Harry he was so different and popular and I wanted to be known as Harry Potters friend not most likely to be a Death Eater.And I was hurt so I was awful to him and his friends.I should of been nicer to them.And tried again to be friends with them.And then I got even more angry when I heard about him beating The Dark Lord a second time.It was frustrating not being able to even talk to them without one of us being insulted.If we had been friends my life could be more bearable.

*Authors note*I will do one story per book and one for the nineteen years after scene.

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