It's Okay

*This is written by my sister* POV Gus One shot



It has been three months since Hazel and me have been dating and she is so great that I want to let her know that she is the person that keeps me going every day,I don't know how I ever did it before I met her so since we love each other I decided to propose to her this Friday night.i got ready for tonight and went to pick up Hazel.when I got their I said "Hey,you look beautiful" and Hazel said "thanks you to,I mean handsome not beautiful because that's what you say to girls" and we both started laughing.when we got to the restaurant we started talking and then we ordered food.After we ate we were having a really good time so I just thought I should propose so I got down on one knee and took out the case and opened it and said " I love you Hazel Grace and I want to spent the rest of my life with you so will you marry me?" She said "Yes yes yes,yes I will marry you" I put the ring on her and we hugged each other.(Five moths later I died after the wedding) I was so happy that I got to spend the last five months with Hazel Grace,the women I love,and even though I died I still will be with her again and until then I will Iook over her forever how long she lives and I will do that to Isaac ,my family,and Hazel Grace's family to until their death comes.

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