short story I made based upon a true creepy story/article. It may freak you out so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


1. Madeline

Two weeks earlier:

I was home alone on Saturday, Mum had already left for work and I was waiting for Dad to come back from his shift of taxi driving. Every morning, when he came home, he'd tell me the stories of the 'crazies' he would drive at night.

I wasn't too bothered that Dad was a little late because I was occupied with watching my cartoons. I laughed for a while at the TV, with occasional trips to check if Dad was reaching the doorway. He wasn't. I waited and it was only just past six but I wanted him to come home so bad.

Then he came home, sighing with tiredness from his shift but that never stopped him from telling me the stories. I ran to the doorway, crashing into him for a hug. "Hi Dad!" I would yell, him hugging me back. "Hi Stuart! Have you had your breakfast?" He would sometimes respond. Then he would pop his shoes off. My mum probably heard him coming through the door from her bedroom because she yelled, “Hello honey, don’t go in the pool. It's not ready yet!" It was a little confusing at first because it was six in the morning and we obviously wouldn't go in a pool but me and my dad pushed it aside as it was the morning and we probably were a little weary from getting up early. It was only at the beginning of him telling me a story, that we realised Mum had left for work a long time ago.


A couple of weeks later, since we just moved into a new house, our neighbours were coming to welcome us to the neighbourhood. My mother said that I would make friends since the adults coming had kids my age. She was right. There were two mothers with two sons, one my age and one a little older in year ten. There were also two girls, one with blonde hair and another brunette girl who was super shy and didn't talk much. I liked Laura, the blonde haired girl a lot and I became pretty close with Elliot, the boy my age so we hung out with Sam, the older boy. I liked that I had already made friends with the kids and that I wouldn't be alone in the neighbourhood. Then I noticed that the brunette girl was missing. While Laura, Elliot and Sam were playing Football, I, being curious, went to go find the missing girl. She was out back, in the dangerous forest. I tried to get her out because it wasn't a safe place to be but she asked if I wanted to play tag. I declined, wanting everyone else to play too so I went back and asked Laura if we should play with the brunette girl. Laura was very confused and quite offended. I didn't know why. The kids were puzzled at why I was apparently acting weird. Then one of the mothers told me, "Dear, Madeline (the brunette girl) died ten years ago. She drowned in a pool."

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