short story I made based upon a true creepy story/article. It may freak you out so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


3. Fourth Voice

We were there, lying like a normal couple. Me and him, my boyfriend. We laid on the sheets of the bed, in darkness, just thinking. Not so normal, I suppose, but we did that often because we felt in touch when we just sat (in this case we laid) and thought about things. About us. He rolled over and hugged me tight but it felt like there was a cold feeling between us. Like evil. Regardless, of the feeling, I hugged him back, tight but I could still feel the evil, cold feeling in the room. As if it was the devil's work. Then it came to a point where it freaked me out. I asked him if he could feel it too-the evil feeling. He agreed.


He called his friend, Matt, who was studying to be a youth pastor, and told him about the horrible coldness and feeling bombarding the room and us. So my boyfriend put the phone of speaker and placed it on the coffee table. We sat in front of it, closing out eyes, trembling in utter silence as Matt prayed for us. It was a fact-coming from Matt anyway-that praying would get rid of any bad spiritual work and that we would be okay. He prayed and prayed and we sat there, still freaked out but still quiet.


Soon, he was finished and sounded a little disrupted like we were carless that he helped us get rid of 'it'.

"Were you talking while I was praying? You were supposed to stay silent." Matt said, a little aggravated.

"No! Why would we do that?" I answered, confused.

"Someone was saying stop to me while I was praying for you." He said.

In seconds, my boyfriend clicked with fright, and drove straight home.


Sorry this was short and pretty rubbish but I was really interested in this article so I had to make a story out of it! Thank you for reading!!!

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