short story I made based upon a true creepy story/article. It may freak you out so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!


2. Attic Creaks

Well, Nikki liked the 'scary true story' so I thought I should put a couple more so I researched a bit and found a pretty creepy one.



There it goes again. That sound has been occurring a lot in the attic and it's pretty annoying.


Is it just that the attic floor needs more work...or is there something up there? My next door neighbours have squirrels living in their attic because they have a small hole where they can creep into. Maybe squirrels live in my attic too. But I would hear scurrying not....Creak.

For goodness sake! Maybe I should check what's up there? That's dangerous. You don't know what's up there. You haven't even been up there for a long time.

I think I'll just call Ben. He might have a solution.



"Hello? Who is this?"

"It's George. I have a small problem." Yeah right. It's not that small but if I make it sound like a big situation, he may not help.


"There's a lot of creaking coming from my attic. You helped Lea with her" I obviously don't want to sound demanding.

"You want me to help you? Me and Lea are a couple...we live in the same house."


"Okay! Okay! Try putting cameras in there, then you can see what happens in there tomorrow."

That's a pretty good idea.



I just woke up and I've already put the video cameras in. The creaking isn't occurring as much as they did yesterday but there has been a few creaks. I'm going to go up there now.


Every step of the ladder makes me a little scared and it's not just because of the fact that I'm scared of heights.

The closer I get, the closer I become to finding out what has been causing such annoying sounds for a LONG time.

Okay...I've got the camera. I'll just sit over there on that old sofa that Mum gave me. There's a bunch of stuff in here that I forgot about like my old broken computer, the sofa and the closet next to the sofa and my old toys as a kid that I grew up with.

The sofa's pretty comfortable but dusty. Even the video camera has become a little dusty even though I just put it there yesterday....Is that a finger mark on it. Probably mine.


Watching the video:

There's a dark figure in the distance, slowly walking up to the camera. She's hooded, making every step she takes creak, by accident.


Now she's startled. She can hear a ladder being pulled down and shaky footsteps. She touches the camera, finally understanding why it's there. Before a man climbs into the room, she huddles herself in a closet next to a sofa...


Sorry that was really bad. I'm not good at doing present tense but I hope it's at least okay.


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