Redina aka(red)


1. New chapter

Harry's pov

Hay guys I've got a friend her name is red and we'll her parents died last year and she's old enough to live on her own but she wants to live with me she is 16 and has red and blond hair yes it's natural Niall so don't ask btw she's up front with everything and she loves eating more then Niall she's obsessed with superman and toy story and she has a good personality so please make good impressions tomarrow when she comes please and thank you. When I was done telling the boys about red I walked into my room and fell asleep I was really tired for a 17 year old but hey work calls for me to use energy and we'll I'm fine with it.

Red's pov

I woke up at 10:00 am to pack my clothes and get a shower before I go see Harry. I packed all my clothes except the ones that I'm wearing witch is a blue tank top that says "da fuck" on it and a pair of white shorts that had black stars on em with my blue and black converse high tops. After I was done straightening my hair I texted Harry. H-harry R-red

r- hey hazz I'm ready :)

H- yay!! I can't wait to see you

R- lol calm down hazz but do the others want me there ?!?

H- I'm shure they do i mean they'll love you. Ur funny nice and you like some of the same stuff as them so you will get along.

R- we'll come pick me up lol

H- I'm on my way


I herd Harry talking to red and she had a beautiful accent she's Australian and from the way Harry described her she was beautiful and she loves food so far so good but if she's a bitch then I'm not gonna talk to her.

Harry's pov

I picked up red heyy red how you been

" good "

We'll you seem quite today

"Yah what if they don't like me"

They will

"Hazz you no me I'm a broken mess"

We'll when we get there go see Niall he will eat with you cas he is broken too. We puled up to the b flat and walked in as soon as she walked in Niall had nandoes she ran to the kitchen and got on the island waiting for him to open up his bag of food "hurry up blond boy !!" Haha it seems like they've meet enough for nick names.

Reds pov


" no I don't share"

Please for me nandoes is my favorite food

"No means no" he opend the bag and pulled out his food he had 20 peaces of micknuggets and some meat lovers pizza with pancakes and bacon with orange juice I took 4 micknuggets and ran for my life I ran into into my room

"Heyy come hear with my food u thief"

NEVER!! And with that he ran into my room picked me up and looked deep into my hazel eyes and said "red you can have some of my food" he put me down and we walked down stairs into the kitchen and started eating when Lou walked into the room

"Hey Niall were are my carrots?"

"I don't know Lou ask Harry"

Uhh Lou I kinda may have ate a carrot

"BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" he screamed at me I looked at him and started to cry I ran out of the house to my old tree house at this abandon park me and Harry found when we were younger.

Niall's pov

Damn it Lou you made red cry and run away how are we gonna find her befor Harry finds out

"Sorry lad to change the subject but why were you sharing food with red"

Idk nor do I need to tell you

"Niall you like red"

We'll kinda yea

"Let's tell Harry MABYE he knowes were to look"

Ur right.

Harry's pov


"I yelled at her"





N- about that she kinda ran off

L- I'm sorry lad but she took my carrots

H-I know were she could be

N- were at I'll go get her

L-no were all going Romeo

H- what...nvm Niall check the abandon park Lou check nandoes I'll check the mall.

Louis pov

I ran to the nearest nandoes I looked aroun for a cashier HEY YOU


Yea you...hey have you seen this girl hear I said holding up a picture of red

"No sr. Sorry" I walked to the mall to see if Harry had any luck.

Harry's pov

I jumped in my car and drove to the mall I looked in forever 21 rue 21 and jc pennies then I ran to the food Court she was no wear then I saw Lou so I ran over to him

Did you find her Lou

"No did you"

No do you see me with her pluse I asked you I said in a duh tone

"Let's go to the abandon park and see If Niall found her" we jumped in my car and drove to the park.

Niall's pov

I ran to the park and looked around for a bit when I herd a girl crying and singing this tree house she was singing a song she wrote I can tell

Tear drop in your hazel eye

Never ment to make you cry

So here's one night to make it right

I'll cut me skin UNTILL it's thin

Please save your tears there not for me

I'm just a lonly little bee (I added some stuff) I climed the tree and got in the little house

Hey red

"Hey blondie"

Why did you run away hear ? I asked with concern in my voice

"I can't stand being yelled at my dad used to yell at me then he'd beat me and it brings back memories"

Oh....we'll you will never get hurt in my arms I mean or in Harry's arms or in any of the boyses

She scooted into my chest and laid there when she looked up she said

"Can I stay in your arms Niall ?"

Yes you can red and with that I leant in and kissed her she kissed back and fireworks went off it was just magical then I herd Lou and Harry so I dresided it's time to come out

H- Niall you up there

N- yeah

L-did you find red


R- I'm ok guys were coming down

L-I'm sorry for yelling at you red

R-it's ok Lou I know you were just shocked

We returned back to the flat and liam and zayn were home early from there dates


Z- zayn (the rest you know)

N-heyy guys

Li- heyy were y'all been and who is that

Z-she's pretty

L- hey guys uhh zayn what about perri ?

Z-oh yea right perri.....

H- we'll I'm going to sleep

N- so am I

R- hi I'm red lol and sorry li sorry zayn but I'm going to sleep I had a busy night

L- meh to I'm hit night

Li- we'll I gess I'm going to sleep too

Z- meh too

A- all

A- NIGHT !!!!!

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