ACI: The Crimbsy Death

Michael and Laila, two agents trying to get the job at ACI (Amateur Crime Investigation). So when a local murder gives them the opportunity to prove themselves, they set about trying to solve the killer. But when others try to intervene they find themselves struggling to discover the murderer. And when the time limit is set, they're in bigger trouble then they ever expected...


1. Introduction

ACI is not a place for silly little wannabe kids to come in and mess around. If they want to do that then they can go someplace else, because ACI is serious. Deadly serious.

Only the best up-coming crime investigators from the nearby area are allowed entry, and then they have to pass the test. Not just any test, the test. One of the most detailed tests in the industry of crime investigation.

What the Heads know is that it is all set up. The entire test, like most, is set up. Of course the dead body is one they examined previously. It is the same one every year, and each year something new is included.

What the students know is that there has been a death in the local area. This is the perfect chance to prove to themselves and get full accepted entry into the ACI. But it isn't that easy. Oh no, because what the students don't know is that this is all set up. Only the Heads know, and the ACI League know. Why tell the students? They will be told after.

Another thing the students don't know is that they are being recorded. Only one student has ever figured this out during the test. Of course the cameras of which are recording the students are not obvious. They are not the typical big black lenses in a plant pot or stuck on the wall. These are the most advanced, miniature cameras.

Only two people pass the test. The rest, they are given 'FS' (Forget Serum) and sent on their way. ACI is known for it's surprising ability to hide everything about itself. Anybody that is given the letter to say they may have the lucky place at there is told there will be a meeting held at school. Instead the parents are in the parking lot, the children are lead out and driven off by their parents to the ACI. They never turn it down. Ever.

So that is the ACI. Maybe it is time for you to meet the two trainees who have been asked to accept a possible place there. Michael and Laila, soon to be the most known trainees in all of ACI.

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