SAS: Shadows in the Falklands

The elite team of the SAS known as the 'Shadows' are finally called into active service following the start of an invasion of the Falkland Islands by the Argentinians. Will this be their final mission together as one Squadron?


1. The Squad - Broken Shadows

The Squad is made up of 6 SAS troopers their Call sign is known across all of high Command as 'Broken Shadows'. The Leader is called John Brewster, he is referred to by his squad mates by the name 'Brewer'. The rest of the squad is made up of Jack Highlands, also known as 'Burgundy'; Harry Rider also known as 'Newbie'; Garret Green, also known as 'Dark Shadow'; George Cornwell also known as 'Clooney'; Frank Harrison also known as 'Techie'.

John Brewster has the best tactical mind high command can offer the SAS. He looks after his men and protects them and the interests of high command at the same time, he has never failed to complete a mission.

Jack Highlands is the best sniper in the whole British army and all the common  wealth armies. On one mission a couple of years ago he successfully assassinated an enemy General with a shot to an artery in the arm after crawling through fields and dodging enemy patrols for 4 months.

Harry Rider is the youngest member of the squad, but he has still had his turn at being a hero when he stopped a Russian spy, from assassinating the foreign secretary, with 4 shots, two in the head one in the face and one to the forehead instantly making the head explode from pressure.

Garret Green is known by most in high command and out as the darkest shadow due to the fact that on a top-secret mission he snuck past a whole army of men including Special forces and slit the throat of a General and then fled to the closest city and escaped on a passenger jet with a forged passport.

George Cornwell is the oldest member of the squad but is the most fierce. He has killed hundreds with just  his hands after being taken prisoner and being put in a Russian gulag.
Frank Harrison is the best trained member of the squad he can fly, drive or use all advanced weaponry and vehicles any army in the world can develop or invent. He escaped a dangerous war zone  area by hot wiring a pink convertible.

The whole Squad have had great experience with each other for example they were one of two squads that took part in the Iranian embassy disaster  and they triumphed with a great success in stopping that particular hostage disaster.

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