SAS: Shadows in the Falklands

The elite team of the SAS known as the 'Shadows' are finally called into active service following the start of an invasion of the Falkland Islands by the Argentinians. Will this be their final mission together as one Squadron?


2. Preparing For The Front

One after the other the men of Broken Shadows squad assembled in the briefing room with Clooney being the last.

"Now im sure you have all been informed that a state of emergency has been announced after the Argentinians started a campaign to grab back the Falkland's, this is where we come in we are going to be dropped from a high altitude jet, from HMS Hermes and once landed we are to get to goose green, whether we do that stealthily or not is up to us, and from there we are to set c4 charges on all planes at the airfield, they have taken control of, without being detected of course, and once we get the signal that the full assault of the Falkland's is beginning we blow that airfield back to f****n Argentina"

"What should we take Brewer?" asked Burgundy

"We are executing a stealthy mission so make sure your backpack is not making any loud noises and you might want to limit the amount of equipment you're taking as much as you can just to make all the Yomping (SAS's name for marching) easier" explained Brewer "Any other questions?" he asked

"no? ok then you have 6 hours to get equipped we board the Heli to the carrier at 1800 hours be ready"

The men all left the room and started going to the armoury to get their guns they all grabbed their normal equipment including Burgundy grabbing his as50 and Dark Shadow his trusty Machete.

"Men I would just like to say that we recently attained some brand new Night Vision Goggles, they are new and a lot more expensive than the old ones due to the fact that they have built in rangefinders and they have a thermal mode, so whatever you do try to look after them and please don't lose them, here you go one pair each" announced Techie

4 Hours Later,

The Squad assembled on the airfield with all of their equipment but they weren't wearing their khaki yet because they were not going straight into the battle they were going to HMS Hermes first.

"HURRY QUICKLY, QUICKLY COME ON STRAP IN!" screamed the pilot " there are some  reports of bad electrical storms around the Falkland's and we need to beat them to Hermes!"




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