The Pokemon Masters

This is about a trainer named Jack (and many more later in the story) who goes on a quest to complete the Pokedex. But, not just through Kanto, but through all the other regions as well.


1. The Dare

Jack walked into the tall grass to do nothing but listen to the silence. He stood for moments listening, till the hiss. He looked up at the glow and saw the tail, the eyes, the Mew. Jack got over-excited and started to dig in his bag. When he realized how much noise he was making, he slowed down and dug for his master ball. When he found it, He aimed, still with silence surrounding him, he threw the master ball. The master ball was now hurdling towards Mew, with extreme force.

 The star covered ball bounced off the wall, over the plush Mew and onto the floor.

"Wow, i mean, wow. That was bad. How can someones aim be that bad?" Jack's best friend John said. Jack sighed.

"I don't know, but I don't care. I need a real Pokemon." He said.

"Well, if you get one Pokemon, your gonna get more. And you need to work on your aim so you can THROW A POKE BALL!" John consulted. Jack laid back on his bed and sighed again. John looked around the room and found a net. A net that gave him the best idea.


"No... so what I am?" John replied. "If you want a Pokemon and you don't have Pokeballs, tall grass and a net is all you need." Jack thought. "I dare you." 

"Wait, what?!" Jack exclaimed.

"I dare you." John repeated. Jack couldn't take down a dare. Jack held the net, and braced himself to walk in real tall grass.

The old professor walked out of his lab to see what new Pokemon he could find. He went over to the tall grass to find two kids with a net in the tall grass.

"HEY!" he yelled. The kids turned their heads to the professor.

'EEP!" John yelled as he ran home.

"Wait, John!" Jack yelled.

"DO YOU HAVE A POKEMON?" the professor yelled. Jack knew he would be in big trouble if he answered no. Yes? Or no?





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