Don't look back

Rose is back from rehab, and are trying to forget about her ex, Marc, who treated her like shit. When she meets her old friend Harry again, there are getting feelings involved. Are Rose ready to get serious with Harry, or at least ready to love again? But she keep thinking of Marc... But Harry love her, and are ready to come and safe her, when danger comes.


2. Meeting him again

I took a long shower, and blow-dried my hair. I still  had an hour until I was getting picked up. When my hair was done, i changed my clothes. I was wearing some ripped skinny jeans, and my a loose tank-top. I thought I looked ok. 

I puted on some Make-up (Some Mascara and lip-glos), and then i got a message from Harry; 'Hey, my driver just left, he'll be there soon. cant wait to see you again ;)'. aww, i thought it was pretty sweet that he couldn't wait to see me. I felt the warm on my cheeks, so im pretty sure i blushed. 

10 minutes later, Harry's Driver came. IN A LIMO. woaw, didn't see that come. but what did i Expect? He's not just 'Harry' now, he's The Harry Styles. It's pretty weird to think about, cause he has always been one of my best friends since kindergarten. 

And then we were there. At Harrys house. and it was quite nice. I got out of the car, and Rang on the Door bell. Some seconds after, the door opened, and there he was; Harry. ''Hey, Rose! Nice to see you again, you look good!'' he hugged me and said, ''Nice to see you too Harry, and you dont look too bad yourself'' i answered. Then we went inside, and i absolutely loved his style; everything from the paintnings on the wall, to the sofas. 

We small-talked, and sat on the Couch. the TV was on, but i didn't see what it was showing. 

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