Don't look back

Rose is back from rehab, and are trying to forget about her ex, Marc, who treated her like shit. When she meets her old friend Harry again, there are getting feelings involved. Are Rose ready to get serious with Harry, or at least ready to love again? But she keep thinking of Marc... But Harry love her, and are ready to come and safe her, when danger comes.


1. back to an old friend

I opened the door to my apartment, which I haven't been in, in almost 2 months. But today I'm back from rehab, and back to my life... It wasn't hard to stop taking the drugs, but the hard part was to stop wanting myself to get hurt, and just to forget about everything.

But, now I'm here, and I'm gonna forget all about it, and just look forward to my new life. And forget all about him... Forget how he treated me, and tricked me, and, and... STOP! I have to forget about Marc, and everything he did. This is my life now, and I am over hell now...

I sat down my bags, and locked the door behind me. I turned on the lights, and could now see what mess my apartment was in, when I left 2 months ago. I sat down on my couch, and took my phone from my pocket.

I was checking my email, when somebody called me; somebody I haven't talked to in 3 years now. "Hey Rose" Harry's voice said. "Oh, hey Harry" I answered. "So, uhm, I haven't really talked to you in quite a while, and I'm in town, so..." "Yes Harry, you can come over" I said and laughed a little, before he said" actually, I was wondering if you would like to come over to my place, for dinner or something?" " oh, ok, yes of course. What time shall I come?" I thought it was sweet of him to ask me over to him, cause he knows that I've been in Rehab, and my place was a mess, so I couldn't stop smiling. "6 o'clock? I can pay a taxi to drive you, don't worry about that, just be ready outside your place there" "ok, then I'll see you then?" I said,"can't wait" and he hung op.

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