Undestined Love?

We met. We became friends. We turned to lovers. But it seems like destiny's not upon us. I loved him. I will always love him. People tried to separate us. People said our love is undestined. It will soon end.

"I love you." He said to me. Is that love enough to make our happy-ever-after? Is that love enough to prove the people that we're not undestined? What if that love suddenly fades away? In just a blink of an eye, our everything became nothing at all. Is it a sign that we're really undestined?

I am a girl who always dream to be with my real prince. I'm a happy-ever-after believer. Step into my world and discover that love is not only about happiness. It's not all about the 'I love you's' but it's all about sacrifice and fight. Because love is worth fighting for.


4. Wedding Preparation

Chapter 4

Wedding Preparation


Hannah`s P.O.V.


I`m on the venue organizing everything. Yes, tomorrow is the day-Tita`s special day. I will really make this place perfect. Sadly, mom`s not here. She is still busy meeting with her business partners.


“Kindly put the flowers there.” I requested one of our employees.


“Tita Steff, please help me here.”


“Sure. ”


We are arranging the tables, the chairs, everything. The candles are already on theie proper places. The mini stage for the newly-weds is also done. The motif is white-gold-red. Yes, it`s really looks sophisticated and romantic. The chocolate fountain is placed on the center of the table for the foods. The souvenirs which are perfumes with the logo CK which stands for the first letter of the soon-to-be-couple names are displayed on the right side of the mini stage beside the cake. The chandeliers make the place more magical. The centerpiece of each tables are different fragrant flowers and candles and picture of the soon-to-be-couple. Everything is set. And before I leave the venue, I look all over the place.


“He is waiting for you. ” Mom said.


“Everything is perfect Mom.”


The place is so magical. I feel like I`m the happiest bride ever having the most magical venue and marrying my great love.


“Thank God. This is the best day ever.” I said starting to cry. Tears of joy.


“Rose.” Someone speaks. Urgggg... I`m daydreaming! I hate it. I always imagine; imagine something that will never come true. I hope it will. I face the woman and it`s tita.


“Thank you for doing your best to make my wedding perfect tomorrow.”


“My pleasure Tita.”


“Okay. Let`s go. We need to rest.”


“Just go first tita, I`ll just double check everything.”




I walk around the venue and it`s really okay. It`s perfectly ready. I closed the door and walked away. I went home and had my beauty rest. I will have a big day tomorrow.


Zayn`s P.O.V.


I went to the venue to check if tita was there. I was about to open the door when I saw something that is sparkling on the floor- a bracelet. I pick it, and stare at the shining, shimmering bracelet. I saw a name engraved on it-Rose. The name is so familiar. I heard it from someone.


“Zayn, what are you doing here?” a voice just spoke. It’s Louis.


“I’m looking for tita.”


“What’s that?” he asked.


“Bracelet. I saw it a while ago.” I let him see the bracelet.




“Yeah. Hannah is the name of the owner of course. It’s engraved on it.” I replied.


“Hannah. This name is familiar.”


“Maybe Harry knows her. Let’s ask him.” I suggested.


We went to the house and we found Harry lying on the couch with earphones on his ears.


“Buddy, look!” I said as I show the bracelet to him.


“Hannah?” he asked; he’s surprise.


“You know her?”


“Yeah, she’s my partner.”


“What a coincidence!” I said happily. I came up with a plan.


“Give it back to her tomorrow.” I commanded him.


“No way buddy. I don’t even know her.”


“So... if you don’t, I will do it. And... I will court her. I know she is beautiful. I expect that.” I know he will get the bracelet. He knows I’m a playboy but I will never court the girl because I feel she’s for Harry. I’m really intelligent.


“What’s your decision buddy.” Louis asked him. Harry say yes! Say yes! This is for your own good.


“Okay. I’ll give it back to her.”


“Great.” I replied. Yes! Good job Zayn! You’re really smart. I said to myself. I can’t stop thinking what will happen after he returns the bracelet.


“Good luck Buddy.”


“I’ll go to sleep. Tomorrow’s the wedding.” He said and walked away.

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