Undestined Love?

We met. We became friends. We turned to lovers. But it seems like destiny's not upon us. I loved him. I will always love him. People tried to separate us. People said our love is undestined. It will soon end.

"I love you." He said to me. Is that love enough to make our happy-ever-after? Is that love enough to prove the people that we're not undestined? What if that love suddenly fades away? In just a blink of an eye, our everything became nothing at all. Is it a sign that we're really undestined?

I am a girl who always dream to be with my real prince. I'm a happy-ever-after believer. Step into my world and discover that love is not only about happiness. It's not all about the 'I love you's' but it's all about sacrifice and fight. Because love is worth fighting for.


14. Repeated

Chapter 14


Harry's P.O.V.

"Hello again Philippines." We shouted as soon as the plane landed on the airport. It's very nice to be here again.

After the interview, Tita treated us a vacation here. Maybe for 2 months. She's really the best! She understands what we feel. After all the stress, I can relax again. I can be with her again. I will bring back those feelings again. I will add more treasured experiences. I'll court her. But now, it's different. We need to disguise. Our world is different now.

"Let's visit Harry's summer love." Zayn invited. I smiled at him. He really knows how to make me happy. Best buddy.

"I'll surprise her."


"Tita will invite her for a dinner tonight!" I replied.

"Sorry, Harry. But we can't do that this time. We will go to Laguna and stay there for 1 week."

"Why tita?" I asked.

"We will attend my friend's wedding."

"Tita, is Harry one if the groomsmen again?"


What? Groomsmen again?

"Meet another summer love buddy." Louis and Zayn teased.

Groomsman experience again. It's fine. I'll just walk with the girl then it's done. It's no big deal. And after that, I can surprise Hannah. I miss her.

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Darling, prepare your things. We will go to Laguna tonight."

"Why Mom?"

"Attend you tita Lanie's wedding." Wedding. Happy-ever-after event again. I love weddings. Maybe mom organized that wedding. Of course, she organized. She's tita Lanie's best friend.

"Late news."

"Yes. So pack your things now. We will stay there for maybe 2 days. I'm not sure." Mom went out of my room.

Explore again! Yes! Attend a wedding again! Yes!

"Hello." Daniel called me.

"Babe, let's have a date tomorrow."

"Oh sorry, we will go to Laguna tomorrow." I excused.

"Wrong timing. What will you do there?"

"Attend a wedding."

"Be careful okay? I can't go there to save you."

"I will." I said to my concerned boyfriend.

"Bye. I love you." He ended up the call. I felt guilty again. I can't even call him Babe. I hope he understands me. Opppss. How could he? What he knows is I love him? Yeah, I love him as a friend only. Sorry Daniel but I can't love you back. Say I'm crazy but being with him is the right thing I should do to say how thankful I am for being saved by him. Maybe, I will learn to love him someday.

"By the way, you are one of the bridesmaids." Mom informed while I'm packing my clothes.

"Oh. Really mom?"

"Yes." Wow! Another bridesmaid experience. After 4 years, I'm a bridesmaid again.

"I have to go now dear. I'll pack my things too."

"Go mom. Don't forget to bring your..... You already know it!" I winked on her. She smiled. Haha.

"Mom, by the way, who's my partner?" I asked before I go to sleep. We are on our car. We're on our way to Laguna.

"I forgot his name darling. Sorry." Oh. Okay. I don't even care who is he. Haha. Just kidding.

"And it's a unique wedding. The groomsmen and bridesmaids will meet each other on the wedding only. Your partner is a surprise. Everyone's partner is a surprise except the bride and groom of course." Mom's really great. Good idea mom. Best organizer ever!

"Woah. Nice." I complimented.

"You're mom has many ideas."

"I know." Then we both laugh.

Uhmmm... It seems like this is a repeated stituation. I don't know who my partner is again.

Harry's P.O.V.

"Hello Laguna." I said as soon as we arrived. The wedding will be tomorrow.

"Who's my partner?" I asked tita.

"It's a surprise." She replied.

"Wow! Surprise."

"Surprise Summer Love again!" Zayn teased. He suddenly appeared. I'm not even updated that he's still my stalker.

Okay. I'll meet her tomorrow. Wait. This is like a repeated situation. I don't know my partner before. And now, I don't know her too. Hmmm. Something's weird.

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