Undestined Love?

We met. We became friends. We turned to lovers. But it seems like destiny's not upon us. I loved him. I will always love him. People tried to separate us. People said our love is undestined. It will soon end.

"I love you." He said to me. Is that love enough to make our happy-ever-after? Is that love enough to prove the people that we're not undestined? What if that love suddenly fades away? In just a blink of an eye, our everything became nothing at all. Is it a sign that we're really undestined?

I am a girl who always dream to be with my real prince. I'm a happy-ever-after believer. Step into my world and discover that love is not only about happiness. It's not all about the 'I love you's' but it's all about sacrifice and fight. Because love is worth fighting for.


23. Movie Marathon

Chapter 23

Movie Marathon

As I wake up in the morning, I saw a letter on my bed. I opened and read it.


                We are so sorry for not waking you up. We don’t want to disturb your sleep. It’s morning so, Good morning. I and your dad are so sorry for leaving you. Sorry. There’s an emergency meeting. Don’t be sad okay? Harry and the boys are with you. I told them to take care of you especially Harry. You can go to London today if you want. Always be careful. Promise, we’ll make it up to you.



Okay. So they left me. I’m quite sad but that’s my life. Mom and dad are both busy on their works. It is fine, I know they work hard for me. And someday, I’ll also work for them. I’ll make them happy just like how they made me happy. I’ll make them proud. That’s one of my goals on why I study hard.

It’s already 6:00 in the morning. I bet the boys are still sleeping. I decided to brush my teeth then eat while watching the television. I choked upon watching the news.

“Harry Styles confirmed that he’s taken. And the lucky girl is Hannah Rose Tyler which according to resources is a college student, soon to be a fashion designer. Yesterday, they are seen having a date on a famous restaurant and running holding hands.”The reporter said.

“Another source said that they are seen on the Eiffel tower kissing. Fans have lots of comments on the news. Some says they’re not meant for each other. Some said they’re cute together. Others said Harry and Denise love team is better. We’ll never know what comes next to their relationship so always stay tuned on Hollywood News.” The other reporter said.

I turned off the television. Oh my gosh. Everyone will surely see it. It’s so embarrassing. They even took a picture of us kissing during the sunset. Oh my... Harry, this is your fault. You always love to kiss me. But don’t worry I won’t hate you. In fact, I loved the way you kissed me.

I was startled when someone knocked the door. They’re awake already? So early huh. Maybe that’s the personnel or maybe it is really Harry. Okay, instead of guessing, I’ll just open it.


“Star.” I smiled at him.

“Have you watched the news?” he asked happily.

“Yeah. It’s so embarrassing.”

“Why? I loved it. We are so sweet there.”


“Want to repeat it again?” he said while sitting on the couch.

“Oh, shut up.”He hugged me suddenly.

“Don’t get angry. We are lovers and we both loved it.” Body heat baby. Stop hugging me. Haha. He’s so sweet. I can’t take it anymore. I loved his hug.

“Ants are coming.” Someone spoke. It’s Niall and the boys. Urggg.. Wrong timing.

“Let’s go to the Luxembourg garden before going to London.” Louis said. Louis loves flowers. He’s not a gay. He’s just weird.

“Sure. Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy and then eat lots of foods.” Niall sang. Haha. Food lover forever.


“Wow.” I said to myself as I enter on the garden. It’s really wow! There are lots of colorful flowers. I feel like there are fairies here. Haha. I love fairytales.

“For you buddy.” Louis offered a flower.

“I don’t like it.” Zayn said sarcastically. Funny buddies forever.

“Hannah, this is for you. Zany don’t like it so I’ll just give it to you.” I smiled on him. He’s really nice. He’s girlfriend will be a lucky girl too. Anyone who will become the 4 boys’ girlfriend will be very lucky. The boys were still humble, kind and funny in spite of being famous.

“Thank you.”

“Oh no. I’m jealous.” Zayn said. Haha.

“Buddies look at that girl. She’s pretty right?” Niall asked. I thought it is about food again.

“Yeah. But I don’t like her.” Liam said.

“But I like her.” Niall replied.

“I mean, I don’t like her for you.” Liam explained.

“Why?” I asked Liam.

“Look at her, her outfit. Her short is too short. He face is full of makeup. The way she dress reveals her personality.” Words of wisdom form the best adviser, Mr. Liam Payne.

“Best adviser, Mr. Liam Payne.” I said then patted his shoulder.

“I want to lie down on the grass.” I said.

“Come on.” Liam heard what I’ve said. He grabbed my hand. Rule breaker.

“Harry, come on.” I invited Harry to lie down too. He went beside me.

We are looking at the wide blue sky. I feel like I’m free. I want to fly. We are looking at the birds flying, the butterflies, everything. I want to sleep on every bench of the trees with Harry.

“Let’s go to London tonight?” Harry asked.


“Did mom and dad tell you they’ll leave last night?”

“Yes. They even told me to sleep with you because you’re afraid to sleep alone.”


“But don’t worry I didn’t. I respect you.”

“Yieeee! Respect. Big word” haha. Then we both laugh.

“Buddies, get up. Someone might see you. I think that’s not allowed.” Niall interrupted. We are rule breakers too. Thanks Liam for influencing us. Haha.

We hurriedly get up.

“Buddies, I think it’s better if we will just go back to the hotel and watch movies. I’m tired” Zayn said. Wow! Mr. Hyperactive is already tired.

“I’m hungry.” Niall said. Niall, there’s no need to inform us. We already know that you are hungry every time.

“Good idea buddies. Come on.” Louis complimented then we all went back to the hotel.


“3 idiots.” Liam said the he turned off the lights.

 3 idiots is the title of the movie we are watching. The characters are so funny. We can’t stop laughing. And their relationship as best friends is very strong. Then there’s a time that I can’t control the tears falling, when one of them got into hospital because he fell. He is just staring. He can’t understand enough what they’re talking about. And his friends really did their best to bring back his good condition. Wow! They are no really idiots. They have great minds; they are wise; and they have a very good relationship with each other.

“Why are you crying?” Harry asked.

“I’m just touched.” I hope my friendship with my friends will always stay strong in spite of the circumstances.

“Titanic is our next movie.” Zayn announced.

Jack and rose. They are already planted in my mind. Lovers on the ship. I like it. I had a crush on Jack. Haha. He’s so handsome. Yieee!!! They’re happy love story suddenly turned to tragic. Ouch. The ship was accidentally collided to the iceberg. Many people were dead. I can’t help it. My tears fall freely.

“I don’t have any picture of him; he just exists in my mind.” Wow! I love that line Rose. Opppsss. That’s not me. It’s another Rose. Okay. Tears are falling more and more especially when Jack and Rose were on the water already.

“Oh gosh. I can’t stop my tears from falling.”

“Not only you rainbow.”

“Same here.” Zayn said.

“Me too.” Louis responded.

“Me also.” Liam said.

“Same.” Niall said.

We all cried because of that movie. I thought these boys are dumb enough, not to feel the pain the characters are experiencing. I also appreciated jack. He let his love live. He never became selfish. He let himself die just to save the girl she loves. Ouch.

“If I am Jack, I will also do that for my Rose.” Harry said.

“Buddy. Stop that, the ants will come to you.” Niall said. Haha. He’s right. Harry is so sweet. So he should stop being sweet first. I don’t want to be attacked by ants too. But I love what Harry said. I think he’s not really a playboy.

“Buddies, this is our last movie. Insidious.” Insidious? Woah! That’s horror. Oh my gosh!

“Exciting. I love horror.” Louis said. Okay Louis, you are Mr. Brave.

At the beginning of the movie, I felt scared already. You know, I’m a coward person. As the movie go by, I thought it’s not really horror because the family lives happy. But then something weird happened. There’s an unusual sound coming from a thing, I think it’s a radio. I don’t know what that thing is. They child fell on the ladder I think. Poor child. And in the morning, he didn’t wake up. Oh gosh. That’s the time, the ghost started to appear. When I saw the face of the ghost. I can’t help it.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” I screamed. Sorry for being too loud. I am greatly shocked. That stupid monster is really scary. Red monster. Yay!

“Oh my gosh, I’m scared. Oh my gosh.” Zayn teased. Zayn... Zayn... You’re very good in imitating my voice. Haha.

I held Harry’s hand. As usual, when I’m scared or shocked I always want a hand to hold. When the movie, has reach its climax, I screamed again. Sorry.

“Ahhhh!” Another scream.

“Ahhhh!” Louis teased. Mr. Brave, I know you are all scared too. You just don’t want to show it. haha.

After the movie, I’m relieved. Thank God. The movie marathon is over. Liam turned on the lights and we are shocked. Niall is not here.

“The monsters get him.” Zayn said. But seriously, where is Niall?

“Niall.” Harry said. No one’s answering. I’m sure he has a plan.

“Buddy.” Liam said then he went to the kitchen. And there is Niall eating again. Niall you’re the best. Hungry every time huh. I really hope you’ll get fat. Haha.

“Hi buddies.” He greeted as soon as we reached the kitchen.

“I thought you are still watching. I’m hungry so I went here.” He explained.

“We thought you are attacked by the monster.” Zayn teased.

“Of course not. I am brave enough to kill that monster.” Niall replied. Haha. Funny.

“Oh. Before I forget, buddies, we should already pack put things. We’ll be going to London tonight.” Louis reminded.

Louis opened the refrigerator and gets a carrot. He washed it then he ate it. Wow! He loves to eat raw carrots. Nice habit dear.

“Surprised?” Louis asked me.


“You know, I love girls who love to eat carrots. That’s why if you have a friend who eats raw carrot, tell her I’ll court her.” Court already? You still have a girlfriend. Haha.

“Sure.” I responded but I don’t have any friend who loves to eat raw carrots.

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