Undestined Love?

We met. We became friends. We turned to lovers. But it seems like destiny's not upon us. I loved him. I will always love him. People tried to separate us. People said our love is undestined. It will soon end.

"I love you." He said to me. Is that love enough to make our happy-ever-after? Is that love enough to prove the people that we're not undestined? What if that love suddenly fades away? In just a blink of an eye, our everything became nothing at all. Is it a sign that we're really undestined?

I am a girl who always dream to be with my real prince. I'm a happy-ever-after believer. Step into my world and discover that love is not only about happiness. It's not all about the 'I love you's' but it's all about sacrifice and fight. Because love is worth fighting for.


24. London

Chapter 24


London! At last, I’m here, my second favorite destination. Wow! I love this place. The Big Ben! Oh my. I saw it for real.

“Thanks Harry. You really made my wishes come true.”

“You also made my wish come true, so thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” We said in chorus. Haha.  By the way, where are the boys? Oh, I remember they live here. I’m sure they will not get lost.

“Come on.” He grabbed my hand. We went to a very nice hotel? I think this is not a hotel. Haha. It’s a house. I wonder who owns this. It’s so beautiful. It really looks sophisticated especially when we entered inside.

“Wow.” I said to myself. I look around the house and a lady greeted us.

“Harry.” she hugged Harry.

“I miss you.” She said. Then she turned to look at me.

“Is she Hannah?” she asked. You know me?


“You’re pretty. By the way, I am Gemma, Harry’s sister.” I gave a sigh of relief. I thought she was his girlfriend aside from me. Haha. Rush judgement again.

“Hello miss Gemma. You’re pretty too.”

“Just call me sis.” She’s so kind and hospitable. She also looks like Harry. Haha.

I look around the house and I saw a big picture. It was a picture of Harry and his family. They are just two siblings. Her mom looks very pretty like Gemma. And his Dad looks like Harry. Wow! They’re so cute.

“Come on, let’s go to the garden. I have a lot of things to tell about Harry.” Gemma invited.

“I’ll just go to my room.” Harry said. Maybe he’s shy. Haha.

We went to their garden. Wow! They also have a pool. It looks so peaceful here. Maybe Miss Gemma, I mean Sis loves flowers because they have a lot of colorful flowers here.  We sat on the bench of a tree.

“Harry’s a joker. He always makes us laugh.” She started.

“Yeah. He always makes me laugh too.” I responded.

“But he’s quite a playboy. Don’t be offended okay?”


“Yeah. I hope you won’t be offended if I’ll tell you the story behind that.” Oh. What story? She’s so nice. We are already close.

“Uhmmm... Harry loved a girl before so much. She’s Vayne. Harry courted her for a year I think. The girl answered her. Mom likes her. She’s kind and pretty too. But then she broke up with Harry suddenly because she loved somebody else.  That’s why Harry became a playboy. He courted many girls but his love for them is not serious. He played with love.”

“Oh.” I replied. Continue please.

“He had a lot of ex girlfriends. But when he went back here from the Philippines after attending Tita’s wedding, he suddenly changed. He didn’t bring home girls. I don’t know why. That’s when I’ve heard he likes you. I think he’s serious about you. Please don’t hurt my brother.” I assure you Sis, I will never hurt him.

“Promise. I will not.”

“He’s famous, we all know that. So I asked you to be more understanding and patient. Don’t be affected on the rumors about you. I saw in the internet a while ago, a picture of you with Louis giving you a flower. Another is a picture of you with Liam holding your hand. I know you are close with the boys.”

“Oh my gosh.” I said.

“Don’t worry. I trust you.”

“Thanks. You are so kind.” I complimented.

“You know what, I like you. I feel that you are really the reason why Harry changed. Thank you.”

“Maybe it’s also his buddies that changed him to a better person and you, his family.”

“Too much for that conversation, let’s eat.” Harry interrupted. He brought tacos for us to eat.

“Let’s explore later.” Miss Gemma, I mean Sis invited.

“Sure.” I answered.

We ate tacos. Delicious. I love it. Sis told me tips on how to impress their mom and dad. Haha. She’s so supportive. I wish I also had a sister.

“The best tip that I can give you is be yourself. Mom and dad are not in the face. They are more in the personality of the person.”

“Words of wisdom from my best adviser.” Harry complimented then winked. Gemma pinched his cheek. Yeah. Sweet siblings. I love them.

After eating, Gemma excused herself and went to her room to change clothes. Harry invited me to his room. Wow! Seriously? His room?

“Close your eyes; I’ll just change my clothes.” He said sarcastically.

“Okay. And for your information Star, I’m not a pervert.” I replied.

“Don’t get angry baby. I’m just kidding.”

“I’m not angry. I’m just acting.” Haha.

He wears polo with a shirt inside it. Then he gave me a shirt to wear.

“I’ll wear this?” I asked. The shirt has a print- ‘Harry Styles is my Star’. Effort. He exerted a lot of effort huh. I appreciated it.


“Uhmmm.. Okay.”

I was about to remove my cloth but then he spoke.

“Go to the comfort room.”

“Don’t worry I’m hot.” I said sarcastically. But in reality, I’m just testing him, if he is really a respectful guy. What he said proved it.

“Just go there. I don’t want to be tempted.”

“Okay. Me too.” Then I went to the comfort room. I wear the shirt. It’s so cute.

“Done.” I said then let Harry look on it. I wear the shirt plus shorts. Perfect. It’s so cute.

“Can you change your shorts?” he asked.

“Why? It fits the shirt.”

“I just don’t want to see boys looking on your legs. I should only be the one. You know, I’m a jealous guy. There are al lot of perverts in the street.” Woah! Am I talking to Mr. Harry Styles. I touched his neck.

“What?” he asked.

“I’m just checking if you are sick.” Haha. Maybe the tacos made him a conservative one.  Haha. Kidding.

“Go now.” He said.  Okay sir.

“Okay.” I changed my shorts to jeans. No choice. That’s what Mr. Styles requested. I’ll grant his wish.


“Ready?” Gemma asked as we went out of the room.

“Hannah, why didn’t you wear shorts? It’s so hot.” She asked.

“Mr. Harry Styles told me not to do so.” I explained.

“Wow! Harry, are you sick? What happened?” she teased.

“Stop it Gemma.” Harry replied. Haha. Cute siblings.

“Anyway, I like your shirt Hannah. You’re so sweet.”

“Again, Mr. Styles gave it to me to wear it.”

“The shirt is nice Harry. But it would be better if you wear a shirt like that too.”

“Who told you, I didn’t?” Harry said then removed his polo. I’m surprised. His shirt has a print-‘Hannah Tyler is my Rainbow’. Oh my gosh! It’s so cute.

“Cute couple.” Gemma complimented again.

“Let’s go.” Harry said. I smiled at him.

“Don’t look at me like that. I am melting.” He said. I tickled him. Haha.

“Let’s go to London Zoo and meet Harry’s ancestors- the monkeys.” Gemma joked. Hahaha. She’s a good joker huh. Like brother like sister.

“Your ancestors too. You’re my sister in case you forgot.” Haha. They are really cute. I wish I had a sibling too. It would be better if a have a sibling to share my problems.

We explore the zoo. There were many animals. Wow! We took a picture on the Big Ben. Gemma treated us for lunch. She’s very kind and caring too. I hope Liam will court her. Liam’s looking for a girl like Gemma. Haha. We never know, maybe they are destined for each other. People are looking on us as we walked down the street. Maybe it’s because of our couple shirts. But I don’t care.

“Is that Harry’s girlfriend? She’s so ugly. Denise is prettier.” A girl said.

“You’re right. She’s also flirt. I saw her picture with Liam and Louis.”

“I saw that too. Yuck! She’s flirting all the members of One dream.” Another girl said.

“She’s destroying their career.” Ouch. What they’re saying hurt me. Ouch.

I excused myself and went to the comfort room of the restaurant.

“Hannah?” Someone spoke. I looked at her. Sophia? Yeah. It’s Sophia. Sophia’s my old classmate. Oh my, I miss her. We are always partners in making projects. She’s kind. And before I forget, she’s Liam’s ex-girlfriend.

“Sophia.” I greeted.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine.”

“What brings you here?”

“Uhmmmm... Harry treated me a trip here.”

“Wow! You’re so lucky. He’s your boyfriend isn’t it?”


“Lucky girl. How’s Liam?” she asked. I knew she’ll ask this.

“He’s fine. No girlfriend still.”


“Yes. He’s still waiting for you.” I smiled. Liam didn’t court any girl after they broke up.

“Uhmmm... Sorry I need to go now. I still have an appointment to attend. I hope to see you again.” Then she waved goodbye.


A girl suddenly went out of the cubicle. She looked at me. Is there something in my face? Am I familiar to you?

“Hannah Tyler right?”

“Yes. Do I know you?” I asked.

“You gold digger. You don’t deserve Harry.” she said. Another girl came out of the cubicle. She went near me and slapped my face. Ouch. What the fuck!

“Gold digger. Flirt. Bitch. Whore.” Ouch. It hurts. You are the bitch.

I was about to go out of the comfort room but then 2 girls came inside again.

“Hannah Tyler, nice to meet you, bitch!” she greeted. Nice greeting.

“For your information, Harry is just making fun of you. Don’t assume he loves you.” Teh girl with a curly hair said.

“You’re just a cheap. Whore. Your shirt... Yuck!” she suddenly cut it.  What have I done to you? Tears are starting to fall. I can’t defend myself, they are too many. Another girl slapped me. I can’t go out. My shirt is torn. I cried. I can’t help it.

“You are undestined. You’re love is undestined. You’re not meant for each other. Remember that.” The girl with a blonde hair reminded.

“Break up with him or else, you’ll be hurt again.” They said before they leave.

I can’t take this anymore. I cried in the corner of the room. They hate me. They don’t want me for Harry. Undestined Love? Whore? Bitch? Am I that bad? I didn’t do anything wrong for them to hate me. I’m not flirting with the boys. They are just close to me. Is it bad if Louis gave me a flower? Is it bad that Liam held my hand? Is it bad that I answered Harry? Is it? I just want to have a happy love life with harry but people kept on telling me we are not destined. Ouch. It really hurts. I tried to wipe my tears. My shirt is torn. I can’t go out here. I hope Gemma will come. Hannah, don’t cry. You should not waste your tears just because of them. I said to myself. I have to be strong but at this time, I can’t.

“Hannah.” It’s Gemma.

“Why are you crying?” she asked.

“Nothing. Uhmmm. I slept on the floor.” I lied.

“Tell me. Why is your shirt torn? Who did this to you?”

“None. I just cut it.”

“Hannah, tell me.”  I hugged her. I need a hug. I really need a hug. I hope mom is here. I want her to tell me that everything will be alright.

“The 4 girls a while ago did this to me.” Tears are falling again.

“They told me I’m a flirt, a bitch, a whore, gold digger. They even slapped me.” I explained.

“Please don’t tell it to Harry. Please.”

“How can’t he know? We are here on the restaurant.”

“I don’t know. Please Gemma.”

“No, I’ll tell him.”


“He needs to know. Wait, I’ll come back.” Oh my. I don’t him to see me crying because of him. I don’t want him to get angry to some of his fans. I don’t want to destroy his career. I’ll accept their bad comments. I’ll accept their bashes. I just don’t want his dream to fade. I want him to be happy.

“Hannah.” Harry said as soon as he entered the comfort room. He carried me all the way to his car. People are all looking on us. Media again.

“Hannah, don’t worry. We are here.” Gemma reminded.

“Let’s go home. Shit. ” Harry said. He looks angry on what happened. Of course, who wouldn’t be angry if your girlfriend was hurt?

When we reached Harry's house, I opened my twitter. When I saw the tweets, I am starting to cry again. 'She's a whore. Bitch. Ugly and Cheap. They're not meant to be. Worst Love team.' Those are their tweets. Some bashers tweeted me also. They told me I'm ugly. I'm flirt. Gold digger. And the worst is the tweet of Amanda. She tweeted 'Another collection to collect.' Then I clicked the photo. It's me and Harry. I'm not like her for her information. My life is turning worse. I can't believe it. Why can't they be happy. Why can't they accept that I'm his girlfriend? They didn't even know me and they already judged me. I hate it. Damn it. I'm crying again.

"Hannah, are you crying?" Harry asked. I am on his room.

"No. I'm not." I said. He went closer to me. He wiped my tears. Sorry for being emotional.

"Sorry. Because of me, people hurt you." He hugged me.

"No need to say sorry. It's not your fault."I assured.

He started to kiss me. His kiss cures everything. It cures every hurt I feel. Urggg... Damn it. I love this kiss.

"Don't worry.I'm always here for you." He whispered then kissed me again. What a passionate kiss. I love it. I hope this will not end.

"Don't leave me just because of them okay? Please. Promise me." He said. He wiped my tears.

"Don't cry. I feel hurt when I see you crying." I hugged him tightly. Yes, this is a part of having a celebrity boyfriend.

"Mom and Dad are here. Come on." Gemma said as she knocked the door. I hurriedly wiped my tears and arrange my hair. We went out of the room and there I saw their mom and dad. I smiled at them. They smiled at me. His mom is very pretty. Wow! I hope I didn't disappoint her when she saw my face. Haha.

"Hi sir. Hi ma'am" I greeted.

"Hello dear."

His mom invited me to go the garden. We talked with each other. She's nice.

"Hannah Tyler isn't it?"

"Yes mom."

"Just call me tita."

"Uhmmm.. Sure tita."

"So, how's your relationship with Harry?"

"It's fine tita."

"Harry changed because of you. Thank you. I like you for my son." Thanks for the compliment.


"Yes, you love each other. But because of your relationship, his career is quite destroyed. Many bashers. I'm a stalker. I search everything about my son. His name is being destroyed. I heard the news that you were hurt by the bashers. Sorry for that."

"It's fine tita."

"Please be patient and strong."

"Yes tita."

"Come on let's eat. " she invited. We all eat.

"So, are you still studying Hannah?" His dad asked.

"Yes Sir."

"Call me tito. You’re a future fashion designer isn't it?"

"Yes tito. I'll graduate next year. Few months more to go. That's why I really need also to go home by next week."

"Explore London first. Enjoy first in spite of those circumstances."

"Uhmmm.. Sure tito."

"Don't worry my son is the best boyfriend. He'll always protect you."

"Dad, I know." Then he winked.

They're so kind to me. I love his family. I hope everything will really be okay.

"So, what's your destination tomorrow?" Tito asked.

"Beach, maybe? I still don't know dad."

"Go, swim, It's a good idea."

We all shared stories while eating. We laughed. I feel happy bonding with them that i forgot what happened. Harry is really gifted to have a family like this. Of course, I'm also gifted cause I have a good mom and dad.

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