She sent letters. Will she ever get one back?


10. 10.01.2014


  Dear Ellie,

                       I found your letters. I can't tell you how sorry I am.  I just stood there and watched you die. I didn't write those letters. I found these in Rachel's drawer in her room. She told me you'd said you were going to kill me, that she was hurting you to make you stop. In the end, it was your heart that stopped. Are you still alive? I hope you are. It's your birthday, the tenth of January, today.

                      You're not in Hell, that's all I know. When you die, you will go to Heaven.

                      I should have done something, I know that. But I hope that I can make up for it, save others like you, if I couldn't save you yourself. I owe that much. I hope I can join you in heaven. I have missed you. I hope I won't have to much longer. I hope you're still alive.




  P.S: I love you, too.


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