10 Years Later

it was 10 years ago when the tragedy happened, it is now the year 2024


1. Intro





I was just a normal 12 year old girl. One Day I was sitting in front of the t.v when the news came on, t.v reporter "Today is a very tragic day for the fans of One Direction, it seems that there has been a very horrible car crash and there were no survivors..." I quickly turned off the t.v and ran straight up to my room and clutched the blanket Harry (yes Harry styles gave me a blanket because it was freezing there and I was wearing shorts and a tank top, I know, OMG but I just said thank you) had given me one day...

My mother walked into the room just then, "Sweety whats wrong?" "THEIR DEAD, DEAD!" I sobbed. "Who's dead sweety?" my mom said with worry. "ONE DIRECTION!" I shouted. My mom stood there just surprised at what I had just said.  She stood there for a while before cumming over to me and rocking me in her arms. "shhhhh, everythings gonna be alright."  she hushed. She got up and put my One Direction CD on repeat. My mom walked out of my room and shut my door. I layed down and started to sing along quietly until i fell asleep.

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