10 Years Later

it was 10 years ago when the tragedy happened, it is now the year 2024


2. chapter one

-Sky's POV-


I love one direction still even if in 22, i still love them. I cry everytime their songs come on the radio.

I was waling home when i came by an ally, i heard a loud crash down the ally. "Hello?' I called out, no answer. Then i heard it again. "hello?" i asked a little less fearless. then some one stepped out of the shadows, my mouth dropped open when i saw who it was. "Louis, Louis Tomlinson?" then the last thing i remembered was fainting.

When i woke up i was in a strange room. "Hello?" I called. "Oh Babe your awake." the person said. "Whos there?" i asked the person, then a light came on and standing there before me was, Louis Tomlinson. His features haven't changed at all. AND HES 32!

"I Thought you were dead." i told him. "We had to fake our death so nobody wold find out our secret." he told me. "what secret, where am i, how long have i been out?" I asked. "well arent you full of questions, but i will still answer them. The first on is hard to explain. you are at my and the boys flat in my room. and you have been out for 2 hours." He explained.

"Ok I only have one more question, when am i going to be able to..." I was cut of my the front door downstairs opening and then slamming close. "Lou im home." The person yelled, which im guessing is Harry. Louis ran down the stairs and i followed. "HAZZABEAR!" Louis yelled, Yup I was right. I watched  as they both ran to each other for a hug, but as soon as the made impact they both fell over. and i giggled at this, maybe a little to loud cuz i think Harry heard. "Lou whoo is that?" Harry asked pointing at me, I froze.

" Hi Harry." I managed to choke out. He looked flawless. "My name is Skylar, Im surprised you dont recognize me.. you know i thought you would cuz i camped out all night in october wih just a tank top and shorts on. By the way thank you for the blanket, i still have it." i told him, his face just went from confused to shocked. "How old are you?" he asked probably stil shocked. "22" i replied sheepishly. and then he face went from shocked to happy. i wonder why? "I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT IM FEELING 22!" He boomed as loud as he could. i couldn't help but laugh at Louis face when harry sang that. But after i finished laughing, Niall Came walking into the house with Liam and Zayn.

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