Cliché Love, hugging by the school lockers. Kissing in the rain. Goodnight kisses. Morning texts. Its not reality. Its Cliché


4. Chapter 4

I like being alone. Away from all the drama and stress. I like just sitting here, watching all the birds soar through the sky. I like the fact I don't have to worry about my outfit. I like the fact I can be me. Its 3:10pm and school should be finishing. I begin to head home, I look down at the grass, trying to not draw any attention to myself. Its about a 5 minute walk to my house, I'm sure I can make it without crying again. The wind picks up as I begin to walk quicker, it's harder then it appears. Water droplets begin to run down the back of my neck. I better hurry up. I can hear some footsteps behind me, but think nothing of it. A hand grasps my shirt and I yelp. My hand swipes around trying to hit whatever grabbed me.

"Shhh Holly its me" says a low masculine voice. I turn around, my eye's widen. It's Rohan. There's millions of people in the world, and of course it had to be him.

"Listen to me Holly, I feel bad for you"

"Why should you?"

"I should have stuck up for you"

"But, but you don't even know me"

"If I didn't know you then how do I know your name"

"Fair enough"

I can feel myself going red again.

"I want to make it up to you Holly"

"What do you mean?"

Rohan slowly began to lean into me, putting his hand round my waist he pulled me in closer. I looked up and he smiled. One hand ran up my back and onto my head. Were we going to kiss?  He pulled my head towards his.

I began to hear sniggering behind me, I turned around. Suddenly Rohan began to laugh so heavily I swear he was crying.

"I can't believe Holly fell for that" a boy in a navy blue shirt said

"I can't believe Rohan did the dare!" 

I  brushed Rohan off me and ran passed the group of spectators all holding up their phones filming me. My house was just round the corner, yanking the keys out of my pocket I jammed them into the lock, I opened the door and shut it just as quick. I hate boys.


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