Cliché Love, hugging by the school lockers. Kissing in the rain. Goodnight kisses. Morning texts. Its not reality. Its Cliché


3. Chapter 3

The next morning when I woke up my pillow was damp, my eyes were red and my dignity damaged. I hope people forget what happened yesterday. Walking down the stairs I hear my phone vibrating. Picking up my phone I see that there are 14 Facebook notifications . Oh god..


Hayley has tagged you in a picture

Johnny has tagged you in a picture

Katie has mentioned you in a comment

67 people like a post your tagged in

Freddie shared a picture of you

Embarrassment wants to be your friend

Mum walked into the Kitchen and caught me crying.

" What's wrong Holly?"

"Nothing mum, erm.."

"Erm... what?"

"I'm just a bit in the dumps today"

"Okay then darling, remember if you ever need to speak to me, no matter how stupid it is, I'll listen"



I walk back upstairs, ignoring the fact I haven't eaten yet. I don't have time to do my full make-up routine. I just chuck on a old pair of Jeans and a shirt, today I just want to be invisible. I grab my purse and my phone, out the door I go but not to school. I couldn't go to school. Knowing everyone saw my briefs. Even if we're not friends it's all over the internet. I find an old abandoned building and sit on the grass. I take off my shoes and look up to the dark grey clouds, that mirror the ache i have in my heart. I look down and try to cry. But I have no more tears left. They're all on my pillow.

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