Cliché Love, hugging by the school lockers. Kissing in the rain. Goodnight kisses. Morning texts. Its not reality. Its Cliché


2. Chapter 2

Me and Sophie make our way to school, we've always been close. But recently I feel like we've drifted apart. Found different friends, it's amazing how friends can shape your personality, I was always the shy one in my junior school. I never spoke in class or made plans to go out with my friends. But now I've never been so happy in my life. Every Saturday I call up my mates and ask them if they're free to go to the Cinema or a local park. But there is one thing missing from my life. A boyfriend, Im 14 now turning 15 in September and I've only had one boyfriend. There is a good side though. There's been a foreign exchange student from Spain, he's called Rohan, and he's gorgeous! The way his silky brown hair flicks the moment he turns his head. The way his Hazel eyes draw you in, like bee's to honey. The way he's single. I've got to make my move quickly though. Three quarters of the students at my school are girls. All are prettier then me.


Walking into my school is like watching a fashion show. Girls walk up and down the hallway showing off their new designer bag that "their daddy got them" Ugh, here comes Katie once again waving her long blonde hair in everyone's face. Honestly I don't see what people like about her, why would you like a selfish little cow like her? The only reason people 'like' her is because her Dad owns the Hollister shop.


Its first period, Religious Education. I like R.E, not all the God and Goddesses part but superstition and 'heroes'. So that lesson goes pretty quickly. Second period is Maths, poop. I don't see the point in Maths. Yeah I might need to round the price of Bananas in the Supermarket but when will I need the Circumference of a pear? Never, so why should I waste my time learning something I don't need in life?

Next is break, I begin to walk into a long line in hope there might be something remotely healthy available. I'm being pushed and shoved into other people, clearly sorry isn't enough around here. Katie shoves me and I bash into Rohan, I  fall and he manages to catch me by my arm. I blush and smile, I swear he winks at me. Then the nightmare begins, people begin to laugh and point at me. Glancing down I realise the side of my dress had got stuck in my briefs. Flashes from phones going off everywhere. Quickly I pick up my bag and run to the toilets, tears already cascading down my face and blurring my vision. I refuse to come out for the rest of the day, instead sit reading how i am mocked on social media sites. I was face to face with Rohan and fashion ruined the moment. Thanks...

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