Meant to be

This is my first fan fiction ever I hope you like it
It's a Harry styles fan fic
Hope you like it❤️


3. the best moment

Anna's P.O.V

Chloe and I were standing infront of THE LIAM PAYNE. "Which one of you is Anna?" " me me that's me!" "Well Happy 18th birthday lovely" he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed so much. "Now you must be Chloe." He said. Chloe didn't speak she just nodded her head. " now you two must put these blindfolds on ok? We both replied with a "uh huh". He walked us out on stage I knew that because of all the screaming.

The blind folds were replaced by soft hands. The hands let go of my eyes and spun me around facing HARRY STYLES. The boys were singing happy birthday. Harry and slow danced. It was amazing. His cute smile and his gorgeous green eyes. After that finished he escorted me off the stage. When we got behind he gave me a kiss on the cheek I blushed and giggled. " why are you wearing that shirt?" He asked " they didn't have any Harry ones" I smiled and giggle he did the same. Me and Chloe waited back stage till the end. Harry the took me into his dressing room.

Harry's P.O.V

I thought why is she wearing that shirt. " umm because the didn't have any Harry ones" oh shit I said it out loud. She smiled, her smile was beautiful and her laugh was out of this world. I took her to my dressing room and sat her on the couch. " Anna your beautiful can I kiss you?" "Uh I barely know you Harry." She said still blushing. "Well can I take you on a date?" " yes. But why me I'm not that pretty there is lots of other girls out there?" " Anna can't you see your beautiful I want you in my life." She froze a little bit before laughing and blushing , I smiled back. "Ok, where will we go?" " I have just the place, and it's tonight by the way." " alright" she said with a giggle. I love her giggle it's so cute. I think I love her. I took her to the beach. To a dinner. I sat her down on the sand and we had our dinner. " let's play 20 questions" "okay" she said "I am gong to start and I'm asking all the questions!" I whispered

1. What's your favourite thing to do?

Be with friends

2. Do you like me?

Yes of course!!

3. Can I kiss you now?


4. What about now?



We both laughed for a little bit

6. What's your hobby?


7. Can I hear you sing?


8. Please?


Her voice was beautiful just like her.

9. Can I kiss you?


"Wait what" "I said yes you can kiss me!"

I leant in she leant in closing the gap between us. Our lips touched and there was defiantly a spark. I moved over to her side laying her down on the sand. I kinda groaned a little and she did the same. We released for air. I was looking straight into her brown eyes. She still was blushing. I love her. " what" she asked.oh shit I said it out louse again. "I said we didn't Finnish our questions!" " I don't care" she said. We sat up and I walked her back to my hotel I kissed her against the wall. She smiled while I kissed her. " I love that" I said we broke apart and I opened the door. " Harry I'm not ready for this." "Ready for what" "for the sex thing" " haha neither am I " we both laughed. We sat on the bed watching movies and cuddling. Anna slowly fell asleep she was so beautiful. I turned off the TV and she was still lying on my chest. I started talking to my self.

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