Meant to be

This is my first fan fiction ever I hope you like it
It's a Harry styles fan fic
Hope you like it❤️


1. how it started

"Anna I have a surprise for you!" Mum yelled from outside."what is it?" I said in my annoyed teenage voice. " just come down Hun".

I slowly slumped down the stairs out into the front yard, i saw mum holding a yellow package. My mum had a huge smile on her face. It better be something good for getting me out of my extremely comfy bed.

The package read: ticketek. Take me home tour. I screamed at the top of my lungs grabbed the package from her and jumped into a hug. I cried for ages just thinking about how lucky I was, then I realised I hadn't opened it yet.

I ripped the package open revealing not only one but two tickets for a ONE DIRECTION concert. Wow I thought I would be sitting outside the venue waiting for a sight if them haha.

The ticket was for the Monday ticket in Brisbane. I immeadiatly rung my best friend Chloe and told her all about it.

Chloe's p.o.v

I was sitting on my bed when I felt my phone vibrate in my hands, it was Anna. I loved talking to Anna she always made my day she was funny and caring and was always positive. Except she didn't really love her self. That was her only flaw.

I answered and straight away I heard sniffling on the phone, I thought she was in trouble. I asked if anything was wrong and she said no.

"Chloe I need to tell you something!","what" I asked excitedly. " mum got me tickets to ONE DIRECTION !!!" She screamed so loudly it wasn't funny. But that didn't stop me from doing the same. I ended the phone call and told my mum, who also had got me tickets without telling me, I found out when I saw the receipt on the table. I started crying and my mum couldn't stop laughing. It was 3 hours before the first concert and I had tickets in the first row.

Without hesitation I rung Anna and asked her to come with me.

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