Meant to be

This is my first fan fiction ever I hope you like it
It's a Harry styles fan fic
Hope you like it❤️


2. getting ready

Anna's p.o.v

My phone started ringing, I thought it would be my dad calling to see how I was, but it was Chloe. "Hey Anna so I have tickets aswell and I was wondering if you would like to come with me, the seats are in the FRONT ROW!!!!", I started balling my eyes out, a little to much fan girl " uhh Chloe why would I say no to that, of course I will come, when is the concert?", " TONIGHT!!" I told her I could come and we would meet at my house.

I quickly had a shower straightend my hair put on a little bit of mascara. And got dressed. I was dressed in a 'future mrs Horan shirt' because they ran out of the Harry Styles ones:( put on some short shorts and they were pretty short, with knee-high One Direction socks and a red polkadot suspenders. Chloe and I had planned if we were ever to go together we would wear the same thing, so that's what we did.


I'm sorry if I havnt done enough details as you may know it's my first fan fiction

Any ways thanks for reading <3

Chloe's P.O.V

I pulled up at Anna's house so excited. I jumped out of my car and ran up stairs. Anna came running outside and gave me a massive hug. "Ugh I missed you Annie " "I missed you too chlo" our hug lasted like a minute, then we headed down stairs and jumped in my car we drove to the train station and ran across the train lines.

We got our tickets and went straight inside. We received a wrist band and sat down waiting for One Direction. Because we had already missed 5 seconds of summer. " damn I wanted to see them" anna whispered,"yeah I know right"

Then suddenly Niall Horan popped up with a massive smile. Oh and I forgot to mention I sent a tweet to them saying it was Anna's 18th birthday. Hopefully they read it. " tonight we are doing something for a special two people, they won't know when it's coming!!" And Irish accent yelled. I chocked a little. Do you think they no no no. They couldn't have. We were singing along to little things when a security guard grabbed us. He really hurt Anna she was starting to cry a little.

" GO UP THERE" he said sternly. It hit me they had read the tweet. Shit. Anna's gonna freak. She had a huge crush on Harry. I had a huge crush on Niall.

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