A Warrior's Heart

Rohan. An incredible warrior, is he a great king though? Rebellious attacks have stopped for many weeks. Could this be leading up to something big?
Thanks to Crown of Shadownight for the great cover.


2. The Rebels and Other Enemies

Rohan has made plenty of allies during his reign but has also made enemies, some of his enemies consist of rebels and some are warriors like Rohan himself, but these enemies are usually enemies because they picked a fight with the wrong guy. Rohan has the most powerful army in the world and the biggest, so if you are going to pick fights with this guy your going to want some fine troops and a large amount of them.

Rohan is a good king but can sometimes get a little too frustrated with rebels and he will torture them, not for information. For fun. He tries to keep it under wraps, but word slips out a little too easily in this kingdom, and this news of the king torturing people will give him more enemies to deal with, hence more attacks.

King Rohan has been lucky recently though, enemy activity has seemed to die down. Rohan isn't stupid though he knows something is coming and when it does he will be ready. The enemies are probably planning attacks right now, but they will be pointless because it will only end in deaths of many people but not Rohan's people.

The king has tried to tell his enemies that if they attack he will attack harder and he also said that he wouldn't lose his men for some petty fights, (which may seem slightly arrogant) nevertheless it scared the enemies, or at least he thinks he did because nothing has been heard for weeks, no rebellious activity no nothing. If you live for the moment this news is a good thing but if you live for the future this will always be bad.

Most of the time rebel stragglers will be found and imprisoned, but that hasn't been happening either for more than a few weeks, the citizens of Algatron have become nervous and worried for the safety of the kingdom. Obviously Rohan is having none of it he is constantly making speeches to the kingdom and his people, not to comfort them, to scare them. Now many may say this is bad leadership, but maybe making them scared is making them strong, what if making them live with fear of attack in any second is bringing them to their senses of protection, we will wait and see.

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