A Warrior's Heart

Rohan. An incredible warrior, is he a great king though? Rebellious attacks have stopped for many weeks. Could this be leading up to something big?
Thanks to Crown of Shadownight for the great cover.


4. Speech

"Rohan?" asked Rosa, she was getting dressed for the speech that she and Rohan had to take part in, "Your going to be late, the kingdom needs someone to count on in these times and you have to be that person." She picked a beautiful dress with golden petals on it and she chose some sandals. It may seem too casual but they looked really good on her. Plus they matched with her dress.

Rohan grunted and swung his legs out of bed, "They all hate me anyway, those who don't are my men, and they have to obey my orders." He stood up, Rohan was broadly built and had flecks of grey in his brown hair. He was fit, but ageing. Soon he would be too old to fight and he would start to show it, ending up putting his men and himself in danger.

Rosa walked over to Rohan and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a hug, "Put some clothes on, and look nice for this speech please, you have to prove yourself."  She walked back over to the closet and shut it. "Maybe they will see your good side. Show to them that you have a warrior's heart.

"It's easy for you, your just the one standing next to me holding my arm and smiling. You have a simple job, I am King of this Kingdom, of Algatron, and I am hoping to keep it that way for at least a few more years.


"How do I look?" Rohan asked to Rosa. She turned and smiled.

"You look great, and the kingdom will see that after this speech." She turned back and smiled at the mass of people in the streets of Algatron. All here to listen to what King Rohan has to say.

He took a step forward, "Citizens of Algatron, we have gathered today because I am uncomfortable in this position." Mumbles started to emerge from the crowd. "No I am not stepping down, but I feel that you want me to. I want to show to you that I have a warrior's heart, I have been hard on you, all of you. That can not be forgotten but I would like you to try, to try and stay with me. I shall change and instead of making you and your families scared, I shall comfort you all. Sorry for all my wrongdoings, I hope this will change. Thank you"

He stepped down and faced Rosa, a sigh of relief showed on his face, she smiled.

"You did well,"

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