A Warrior's Heart

Rohan. An incredible warrior, is he a great king though? Rebellious attacks have stopped for many weeks. Could this be leading up to something big?
Thanks to Crown of Shadownight for the great cover.


5. Riots

Rohan woke up to the yells and chants of people outside the castle, banging on the wooden gates, demanding the guards let them all see the King. They held flaming torches and were threatening to burn the gates down themselves. It was pitch black outside, or at least it would be if there weren't any torches being waved up and down.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes with his big hands, then got up out of bed and went to walk out and stand on the balcony of his bedroom tower. Rosa was standing there, motionless, he went and stood next to her and held her hand in his.

"They're rioting about your speech yesterday," She whispered, she was too tired to say any more than that. She whipped her hair off her shoulder, her face was emotionless.

"I thought I was giving them what they wanted, the speech yesterday was what they wanted." He started, "A good King that would make the citizens of this Kingdom feel safe and he would go to battle when needed and fight for the safety and of Algatron"

Rosa sighed, "They want more, it's clearly not enough to make them feel safe, you need to make them safe, they don't need feelings, they need hope. Rohan, look at me." Rohan turned his head slightly with a downwards gaze, Rosa continued. "This is when they need you most, soon we will most likely be at war."

Rohan moved his gaze back to the riots, turned around and stepped off the balcony. Rosa stayed where she was, without even asking where her husband was going.


Rohan stepped out into the castle courtyard, looked around and signalled to the guards to open the gates. They didn't know what to do at first, but eventually they did as they were ordered.

Once fully opened, the rioters stood there stunned by the King standing there fully armoured but not armed, they lowered their torches and weapons and one man from the crowd stepped forward.

"We are here..."

"I know why you are here," interrupted Rohan. "You want to be safe, you want to know that if we are attacked that you will be safe," Said the King. "Yes, you will be safe. And I'm not just saying that to make you feel. I'm promising it." He finished.

The man at the front stuttered, trying to find the right words to say. Instead of saying anything he turned around and walked back into the crowd.

Rohan did likewise, but instead of walking into the crowd, he walked back into the castle, upstairs, taking off his armour and getting into bed.

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