A Warrior's Heart

Rohan. An incredible warrior, is he a great king though? Rebellious attacks have stopped for many weeks. Could this be leading up to something big?
Thanks to Crown of Shadownight for the great cover.


3. A King's Past

Rohan's past has been eventful, Rohan is forty six and has been king for five of those years, he used to be a warrior for Algatron, it was always his dream to be king, at the age of twenty he set on his journey to that level, becoming a warrior to fight for his kingdom, he was looked upon with belief and soon at the age of twenty five he was a Vanguard and had such high respect that he thought he would be king very soon. There was one problem, he didn't have royalty in his blood.

When he was forty one, his king was assassinated, the kingdom's Queen and her heirs were evacuated and taken down from the throne, someone needed to take that place of leadership, there were riots and Rohan and his wife, Rosa, were called upon, this was so because of his achievements in the army he reached top rank and now he had been chosen. This was Rohan's chance, his dream had come true, he accepted and has been king ever since. The riots were killed and died down within a week or so, the people of Algatron respected Rohan, he deserved it after all, his job now was to keep the kingdom safe.

But he has changed, he is no longer the kind loving man he was before he became king. He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, he doesn't thin, he just does and usually that leads to him making more enemies, he is a great warrior though, no one can say he isn't, because that would be false. His enemies are scared of him for that exact same reason. Because he is good at his job, fighting. His signature weapon, DragonBlade, is what he had forged for him when he became king. He adored it more than he would his own children. But he doesn't have any children, no heirs to the throne no one to take his place when he leaves this world.

He doesn't care, like I said he doesn't really care about anything other than protecting his kingdom and his reputation which he has pretty much crushed already, his sword could destroy anyone's heart, people have said that it can melt a hole in your brain by just staring at it. If it is true then it can't be proved can it. Lets just say that Rohan's sword has slain many and spared so few enemies that its not worth talking about. Rohan has killed lots and will kill more.

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