She Loves You!

will he take her back when he finds out?
read to find out!


1. The Best Night Ever!(Flashback)

Annahs' Pov

"Tonight is the night!" my bestfriend Emily said. "Emily, this is the biggest party of the year. Hayes will be there.." I said nervously putting on my mascara. "Honeyy... i will be sure you guys hook up!" Emily yells "But.. it is 7 we better go!" she adds. We walk down stairs to find my brother Elijah "Where are you going?!" he ask as he steps in front of us "Out! now move the fuck out of the way." i say more harsh then i intended. "Fine, i will be back before 3. or i tell mom you had boys over." he says smirking. "Deal! now lets go Emily." i say as we walk outside and get in my 2015 white shelby mustang GT. after driving 10 minutes we arrive at Matts house. Emily and I get greeted by Matt. we chat for a few then i say "I need to find Hayes" and walk off.. shortly after I found Hayes and i surprise him with a kiss. We drink a few mixed drinks and go on the balcony. Hayes and i talk about football season until he sneaks a kiss. I kiss back and let our tongues fight for dominance. "Jump" he says between breathes. I jump as he says and I tug on his hair. I break the session bend over in front of him to fix my shoe seductively and grind against him as i come up then run upstairs. Hayes quickly follows behind me. we find a empty room i lock the door and throw him on the bed. "strip now!" i say and he does as i say leaving him in his boxers i sit on his stomach and i kiss him. i tell him "I'm ready." and he quickly takes my clothes off leaving me in my panties only. he flicks his tongue on my right breast making me moan his name "haye.....s" i say i pull down his boxer and take off my panties and i grind on his 8" penis. long enough to make me wet. he flips he over and inserts me slowly he thrust faster each time "annah i love you" he says as he cums. "i love you Hayes." i say as i get up to fix my hair trying to realize i just had sex with the Hayes Grier.

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