We Meet Again (One Piece Fanfiction)

Note: This story won't be exactly like One Piece sorry, but this is for fun. Thanks for understanding hope you enjoy ^-^ A girl name Chiga D. Laffy (La like lala then fee) who's the daughter of Chiga D. Robin the powerful man in the world. Laffy has inherited a trait from him called "The multy Fruits!" Giving her the ability of eating many "Devil Fruits" to gain many powers. She's an old Friend of Luffy and Ace since she was a little girl. One day her Father died leaving an will.. Mother and her leaves, but the ship gets attack by pirates! Kills her mother and kidnaps Laffy! Gets rescued by Whitebeard!? Dreams to become a pirate? Finds Luffy once again! Do they falling in love or stay as friends? "Im Chiga D. Laffy and I'm gonna be Queen of the Pirates!" ~Chiga D. Laffy


2. Today Is The Day!

~Morning came as the sun rises, while the moon lowers itself back to slumber. Ace wakes up and exits his room to wake me up for we can start our morning chores. He walks down the hallway heading to my room than knocks on the door. "Yawn! Hey Chiga you awake?" asked Ace. He opens my door and tries calling for me again, "Laffy...?" Ace felt confused and concerned. He began to panic till he spots a folded letter with the front saying in big bold letters, 'For Ace'. He allowed himself to calm down a bit before he picks up the letter to read it.
'Dear Ace,
I've decided that today I'm going to start my own crew. I hope you can forgive me for leaving without any acknowledgement. Trust me on this, Ace, I am safe. So, don't worry okay? I'll become stronger than ever before. Maybe even stronger than you? Thank you for believing in me, unlike the others. Let everyone know that I'm gone. Whitebeard is going to be so mad. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've cost. I, the only daughter of the Chiga family, will be Queen of the Pirates! Soon, we'll meet once again, my friend, i promise.
  Chiga D. Laffy.'
The room was silence for a moment. After Ace took a good look around. He relized the room was empty, with only the bed there. Ace sighed than he'll fold the letter and puts it into his back, as footsteps can be heard running down the hallway. "Hey Ace, have you seen the fantasy girl? Whitebread is looking for her because one of our boats are missing? Any chance you seen it?" said one of the crew members. Ace stared out the window looking out at the sea. Hoping at least he'll get a climps at my boat.
"Her name is Laffy." corrected Ace.
"Right, right." said one of the crew members.
"She's not here," said Ace, "She left out to sea." Ace turned around and walks out the went out the bedroom.
"Wait, you meant?" said the member in confuse, "The Captain is going to be very furious."
I walked inside a strange bar. It was packed with other pirates. It was quiet her; seems fine to me. I carried my sword with me on my back. it seemed pretty tiny and a light weight with the color of black with blue. I worn a red vest, black and red mini skirt with a red lace under it, and high knee black boots. My hair is black and short, but some are long; the long strains is braided with red ribbons tied on the ends. I walked over to the owner of the place and sat down. "One drink sir." I placed the money down. "So what's a beautiful girl like you doing in a village like this?" The owner ask as he poured me rum in my cup and responded. "Reasons.." suddenly men surrounded the bar area and looked at me with lust in their eyes, thinking I'm a five star meal. "Er.." I began to noticed, but tried to ignore them. My body filled fear thinking I'm gonna get kidnapped again.
One man grabbed my wrist. "What a beautiful girl, you'll be perfect for our captain." He said as I struggled to make him let go. "Let me go! Aghhh! Gum-Gum Pistol!" I shot multi punches at them. "Ah! She's a monster!" One shouted making everyone get up to run away. They ran out the bar, but some stayed to kill me. A couple of pirates got up from their sits and joined in to help. "You think you can hit us and get away with it." One of the man said in anger. "Pretty much what I was hoping for." Trying to back away, but they kept getting closer. "Where to you think you're going dame." Smirked one of the man. "Hey how about you guys let me leave and we pretend this never happen?" They growled darkly. "Ha, ha, ha no need to be so balk about it.." The men pulls out their swords and aimed the tips at me. "Oh-no! I didn't meant to start a war." I said then I grabbed a rifle and shot each men down. "My-my your well fitted for a gun," I gave him more coins for the damage. "I'm sorry for causing trouble, sir." I said as he grabbed to coins. "No problem and thank you madam. Usually many pirates never pays for their damages, but you? Man you must have a big heart to help pay for the damages." He smiled. "Well-Well your good. Who are you anyways?" A girl with curly brown hair spoke. "I'm Chiga D. Laffy and I'm going to be Queen of the pirates!" I replied and gives her a confident smile. "You got some skills kid. How about I join your crew?" The lady said and takes a quick drink from her glass then stands up.
"That'll be amazing, but I don't even have a crew, nor a ship yet?" I said a bit disappointed. "Well you got one pirate right here ready to serve with you. The names Rage the swordsman of "The Watchdogs". Say missy how about I make you a deal? You let me become your swordsman and second command of your crew then I'll let you can take my captain's ship? I really never liked him. He's so greedy a loser for a captain, but you. There's something about you that's surprisingly amazing. I can feel it." Rage gave her a smile. "W-wow that's very nice of you to say that." I smiled back. "So we got ourselves a deal?" she asked. "DEAL!" I replied then she chuckled. "Come with me." She smiled and went out the bar. "Bye Mr bartender sir!" I said then follows Rage.
She lead me to her captain's ship. "Here we are. Yuck! Still smells like crap as always." Rage and I walked up the stairs to the deck. Once I made it to the top the captain of the crew spotted me right away. "My what a lovely dame ye brought here, Rage." The captain smirked. "Who ye may be girl and why you're here?" He asked and stared at me. "Well since you asked I'll be happy to inform you that I'm here to take your ship, Captain." I gave a small chuckled. "What! Who do you think ye are! Ye thinks you can just walk in here and take me ship!" The captain asked angry. "Precisely.." I gave a grin. He stands from his throne and grabbed his sword. "Oi, fine then laddy I shall make a deal. Let's duel for me ship. If you win, you'll get my ship, but if i win you'll become one of me wife, deal?"
"Deal..." I said with some confidence. "Laffy no! I know you're good with a gun, but the captain is talented with a sword!" Rage yelled as the pirates stopped her from stopping the duel. "Well I guess you don't know me after all." The captain jumped at me and swung his sword then sliced me in half. "Laffy!!" Rage screamed. "Oh-no!" The crew was shocked. They never expected their captain to be this. The crew stared at the glint of dark, malevolent eyes of the captain's. The ship aura turned from feeling like utopia to a melancholy place. "Haha! I was right, she nothing more then a weakling blabber mouth. Now then, throw her overboard before the body beings to smell." he said as he turned around. "How can you be so heartless, Captain!" Rage shouted as tears ran down her face. "I know I just meet her, but I can tell she'll be a better captain then you'll ever be!" The captain looked at Rage with a somber expression. "Oi, I'm not done with you." Her body floated. "Ah! A monster!" They screamed and her body connected. "Laffy!" Rage said happily with tears of joy. "Ye have devil fruit powers?" He grinned. "Of course.." I chuckled.
"You never answered my question from the beginning. Who ye may be?" The captain asked. "I'm Chiga D. Laffy and I'm going to become Queen of the pirates!" I smiled. "Now I know you. Your Chiga D. Robin's daughter. I'm correct huh?" He chuckled then grins. "Correct Captain, I have the power to eat as many fruits as I want. It's nice to meet you, yet sad you won't last long to see me become the queen." I take my sword off my back and release it from it's sheath then gripped the handle as it grows. Music notes began to surround me like a tornado. "What is she's up too?" The captain said in his thoughts all curious. "Melodious Sword!" Comes out a big sword that had a big treble clef on the handle. "Oh, ye still up for the battle?" He laughed. "I always have been ready." I replied then grinned. "Her eyes screaming I'm going to win. It's filled with so much confidence! I was right, she is the one captain us crew been waiting for." Rage said in her thoughts. "Ahhhhh!" I ran towards him. "Aghhh!!!" He ran towards me. We swung our swords. "Well their captain.." I spoken softly. "Well there laddy..." He spoken softly. "It seems I've won." I smiled. "Iy, you've did. Chiga D. Laffy..." He hits the deck's floor as the crew is in shock to see their captain defeated for the very first time. He lays there, dead on the floor. While I was that one standing in victory.
"See nothing to it worry about, right Rage?" I smiled. "You got me worried there for a second, ha." She said as she walked over to me. "We'll guys take the dead body and put him into a coffin. We'll bury him in a while." Rage ordered. "Yes Mam!" They take the body to put him in a coffin. Some worried. "What are we going to do now, we have no captain!" one of the pirate stated. "What are you talking about? She's our new captain. Everyone meet Chiga D. Laffy." She introduced me. "Her!" The crew shouted in shock. "Oi! Time to get started everyone! Who would like me to be their captain and join with me to become my crew known as The Melodious Marionette!" I picked up my sword and pointed up at the sky. "We will!" Every crew shouted as they honored me as their newest captain of the ship. Now my journey starts here of becoming a true leader of finding the one piece to now become Queen of the Pirates!
Dear Ace,
Hi there! Writing to you again. Hope your getting my letters though from my phoenix, Floriline. Ha! Well do you remember her because she sure remembers you. I found her back at the old village when I went over to visit. I'm surprise she's still remembers me! I'm so glad oh how's Whitebeard doing? Is that man mad at me? How are you? You doing well? I hope your not mad at me too. Hey guess what!? I got a ship and crews! Yes Crews with an s, ha. Can you believe it though! I'm finally one step ahead of making my dreams come true! I'm known as "The Melodious Marionette." Tell Whitebeard that I miss him and also the crews, even though they made fun of me. Yet of course I miss you too. Well I hope you'll keep remembering me. I'll become wanted like Luffy, hahaha. Well I hope you write back to me when you have the chance, oh and tell Whitebeard that he can write to me to "if" he wants too. Thanks for everything, Ace. We'll meet once again, my friend.
Chiga D. Laffy
~End of Chapter 2~
Hi again it's the author. I Finally updated Lolz. Thanks for reading Chapter 2. I hope you guys liked it or not. I'll continue the story, If you guys want me to update just state it on the comments. Sorry if you guys thought this chapter was weird, you didn't liked it or something. I was just typing what's going thru my head like Imagining the story while typing it all out, I guess I was in the moment. Yeah, sorry about that. Well Like, favorite or comment, want to know what you guys think and give me some pointers if you guys wish. Thanks for understanding and Thanks you for reading ^w^

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