We Meet Again (One Piece Fanfiction)

Note: This story won't be exactly like One Piece sorry, but this is for fun. Thanks for understanding hope you enjoy ^-^ A girl name Chiga D. Laffy (La like lala then fee) who's the daughter of Chiga D. Robin the powerful man in the world. Laffy has inherited a trait from him called "The multy Fruits!" Giving her the ability of eating many "Devil Fruits" to gain many powers. She's an old Friend of Luffy and Ace since she was a little girl. One day her Father died leaving an will.. Mother and her leaves, but the ship gets attack by pirates! Kills her mother and kidnaps Laffy! Gets rescued by Whitebeard!? Dreams to become a pirate? Finds Luffy once again! Do they falling in love or stay as friends? "Im Chiga D. Laffy and I'm gonna be Queen of the Pirates!" ~Chiga D. Laffy


1. I Want Become A Pirate

It was a long day out at sea. The skies were filled with trillions of star and the moon scintillating with a pure white color, and the sea looking clear as glass. I stared out the crack broken window; wishing to be free to explore the world, and to find the grand line to get the treasure known as the one piece. Once I do, then I’ll become “Queen of the Pirates”! Many people laugh when I mention it, but I never bothered to care about their opinion. By the way, the name’s Chiga, Chiga D. Laffy, nice to meet you.

“Watch they’ll see,” said I, I hear whispers up on the ship deck of echoes of arguments. Down in the bottom of the deck is where I worked at. I help make the boozes for the crewmembers. “I bet they’re laughing at me again.” I continue to do my task once again. The arguments turned from whispering to yelling. Maybe they’re having another disagreement? I shrugged my shoulder and ignored the bickering up on the deck. Suddenly, I hear footsteps heading down the stairs, while someone is shouting across the hallway.

“Hey, girl! Didn’t you hear the captain calling for you?” yelled the crewmember. He was huffing a bit exhaustion.

“The captain?” said I with a shuttering voice, “Oh-no!” I froze in place. He hardly ever calls for me, so it must be urgent. I quickly ran across the hallway, and up the stairs to the upper deck of the ship. I slowed down and walked over to my captain as he sits on his throne. Honestly, I fear him. Men are the last people I can trust. I blame my past fault for being so negative. However, my captain is an exception. I trust him and look up to him.

“Laffy, why didn’t you arrived when I called you the first time!” yelled the captain. His expression seemed angry. My whole body shivered from head to toe.

“I’m sorry, Captain! I didn’t hear you,” said I very frightened. I slowly took a few steps back.

“Whitebeard, you shouldn’t be angry with her. She has been working down on the deck, even I wouldn’t be able to hear you,” said Ace. Yup, my captain is Edward Newgate, also known as, Whitebeard.

“You both may be friends in the past, but move on,” said Whitebeard. I had no scruples about arguing. Yet, seems like Ace didn’t mind doing it. My captain wasn’t in a good mood to bicker with anyone. Whitebeard would rub his temples in frustration then his eyes would lock on me.

“What’s wrong, Captain?” said I with a concern tone in my voice. He grabs my arm and yanked it towards him; my arm would stretch like rubber, as he does that. Everyone freaks out in terror, as if they seen a mutant beast.

"Ah! She has devil fruit powers!" The Crew shouted. I knew this would happen. They'll probably kick me overboard for being a freak.

"Let go of me, Captain!" I shouted with some nervous reaction. I don't want to be here any more! Maybe, I should? I thought. I tried to fire up, but I was so scared of him. I don't want to hurt him. He saved my life many years ago so, I shouldn't treat him with disrespect. Whitebeard spotted me trying to use the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit.

"I knew it. You have the same power like your father, Chiga D. Robin." Said Whitebeard. He began to yank my rubber arm; pulling me closer to him. I placed my foot against the ground to stop myself from moving.

"Laffy, quit it! He won't harm you! I promise!" shouted Ace. I knew I could trust Ace better than anyone in this crew. I then nodded in response. I stopped and allowed Whitebeard to yanked closer to his throne.

"So if your like your father? How many fruits have you eaten, Laffy?" asked Whitebeard, as he lets goes of my arm then It goes back in place. I glitched my hand into a fist and looks at him straight in the eye. Something deep inside me knows I can trust him too.

"Gum-Gum, Chop-Chop, Flame-Flame, Dice-Dice- Erm, let's just say a lot," said I. The crew seemed amazed that they’re jaws dropped.

"So you are like Chiga D. Robin," said Whitebeard, as he reaches out his big o hand, and pets my hair gently with that soft fatherly like smile. I stayed silent and blushed slightly from embarrassment. No one treated me with such kindness before. It has been years since I felt a fatherly care. His smile fades, as he stopped stroking my hair then looks at Ace. "Ace, I want you to work with Laffy. There might be a slight possibility that since they know she's here, they will stop at nothing to get her. With your powers she'll be safe." I smiled brightly at Whitebeard. He really is like a father, kind of like dad? I thought. My smile faded a bit.

“Yes, Captain," said Ace. We both bowed to her and went to back to the bottom of the deck.

"Hey Ace, how's Luffy?" asked I. Ace and I knew each other since we were little. We all used to play tag and climb trees. I miss those days were we both felt free to do what we please and to dream.

“I don't know. I haven't seen him in years," replied Ace, "Rumors from the Marines says that he became a captain of his own crew called The Straw Hats." Crew huh? I stared out the cracked window. Recollecting memories about Luffy and I.

"Ah, I heard about that too." Said I, “I even found this.” I pulled out a flier out of my pocket and unfolded it than handed it to Ace, "Three hundred million bounty. He been working hard to become this much wanted." Ace began to slowly laugh until he bursted out laughing.

"Ha! Luffy, you crazy little brother," He looked at me with a small smile and folds back the flier then hands it back to me. "You miss him?" said I.

"Of course, what about you?" asked Ace.

"Yeah," said I with a sad tone in my voice.

"Here's a hint if you want to become Queen of the pirates. Start your own crew like how Luffy did." said Ace with a small smile. He placed his hand on my shoulder than, I looked down at the floor board, while playing with my fingers.

"Do you think I can?" asked I.

"I believe you can." answer Ace. I sat up straight, as my heart fluttered with confidences and joy. For once someone believes in me! I thought. I suddenly hugged Ace tightly and smiled brightly at him.

 "Thank you, Ace." said I.

"No problem." said Ace. I let go of his waist. Soon, my smile faded. I looked back down and rolled up my sleeve for I could do the dishes.

"But when can I?" said I. He was silence for a while. "Never mind then." I began to do the dishes till I felt large muscular hand petting my hair.

"Anytime you want, Laffy. I'm not going to stop you," said Ace with a kind tone. I paused for a moment. I lift my head up to witness an encouraging smile that brought my eyes to tears with joy.

"I'll become stronger," said I in a shout. "I promise you, Ace!"

"Good," said Ace. "You should head off to bed. You've been working so hard these pass few weeks. So, you deserve some rest."

"Well, I guess I should. But the dishes?" said I.

"I'll take care off that." replied Ace.

"If you say so." said I, while walking down the hallway and heading to my dorm.


"Night!" I waved at him.

"Night!" He waved back then, started doing the dishes. I smiled and went to my room then closed the bedroom door. I laid down and placed my face against the pillow. Anything I want? I thought. I turned my body around till I was lying on my back to look up at the ceiling.

"I know when. Thank you, Ace." said I in a whisper. I got up, grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil then started writing a letter labeled 'Dear Ace'. "Forgive me." Once the letter was done, I placed the letter down and head off to bed, as I drifted off to slumber.

~End of Chapter 1~
Hello author speaking. Hope u enjoyed Chapter 1. I'll continue the story, If you guys want me to update just state it on the comments. "Like, favorite or comment." Thanks you for reading ^w^

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