We Meet Again (One Piece Fanfiction)

Note: This story won't be exactly like One Piece sorry, but this is for fun. Thanks for understanding hope you enjoy ^-^ A girl name Chiga D. Laffy (La like lala then fee) who's the daughter of Chiga D. Robin the powerful man in the world. Laffy has inherited a trait from him called "The multy Fruits!" Giving her the ability of eating many "Devil Fruits" to gain many powers. She's an old Friend of Luffy and Ace since she was a little girl. One day her Father died leaving an will.. Mother and her leaves, but the ship gets attack by pirates! Kills her mother and kidnaps Laffy! Gets rescued by Whitebeard!? Dreams to become a pirate? Finds Luffy once again! Do they falling in love or stay as friends? "Im Chiga D. Laffy and I'm gonna be Queen of the Pirates!" ~Chiga D. Laffy


3. Farewell my crew! Is that you, Luffy?

It been almost 8 month since I last left Whitebeard and the crews to become a pirate then start my own crew. I haven't received any letters from Ace nor Whitebeard, I wounder how there doing. Well I've been sailing the sea and just became wanted for 300,000,000 bounty. I just sat in my office being bored out of my mind. Every place I visit my crew end up starting a huge war ugh so troublesome and none of those places had Luffy. I guess I shouldn't listen to rumors. Man if only Ace was here, It'll make things so much easier. I sighed as I close my journal. Till I heard a knocking on the door.


"Come in..." I placed my journal inside one of the cabinet. "Madam um there's a bird that seem to fly over the Dark Sanctuary, for like the past three days already." said one of my crew as I gave him a puzzled look. "Bird you say..." I walked over and opened my office door. Just then a red golden bird came in. My darling phoenix, Floriline. "Floriline!" I smiled as she flew in circles around me and then landed on my lamb while having two letters in her mouth. "What's this?" I grabbed them one showed a symbol of Whitebeard and other had a name of A as the rest of the letters was smug. Till I realize it was Ace cause of his handwriting. "T-they actually wrote back." I felt like being in tears, but I held on. I quick tried to open the letters, but believe it or not this is my first time opening one.  "Ow.." Gotten a paper cut. "Ah, I'm so glad they wrote back. I thought they forgotten me for a second there." I opened Ace's letter first.


Dear Laffy,
I'm glad that you wrote to me and can you remind Floriline not to land on my hat nor take it away. Well going back to the subject of you. I'm so glad that your following your dreams, but i do miss you my friend and believe it or not so does the crew. Oh! Speaking of them the crews wanted to say sorry for everything. It's just that no women ever worked for them so they treated you like how they treated everyone else here. What I think is that they never seen a girl as a captain or a pirate i believe. Ha, I seen  two girl pirates in Luffy's crews. Yup i went over to find him. Well i did told him to meet me there well anyways I seen your wanted poster haha three hundred million bounty! Ha, you really want to become wanted with lot of money. Oh did you seen Luffy's? four hundred million bounty! Cheese that kid, ha. Oh and i'm doing fine, I just seen Luffy. Bad timing thought ugh because he ran me threw the wall when i was face to face with old smoker there. No joke, but i finally caught up to him and battled smoker then went on his ship, but then left. By the way if you see Luffy just be careful with the cook. He's such a womanizer/pervert. Also love the tactoo and your symbol. "The melodious marionette," ha once i heard that i laughed because i knew it was you. Well take care of yourself, ok? We truly will meet again, my friend.
          Portagas D. Ace 


"So he got the letter, I'm so glad." I fold the letter and put it in my pocket. "Oh right, Whitebeard. I'm surprise he actually wrote to me." I sat on my desk and opened it. "Bet I'm gonna get nagged at for leaving without my captain's permission."


Dear Laffy,
    I heard from Ace that you left. I knew this day would come, but I'm proud of you that your following your dreams just like Robin always did. You remind me of her so much you know that. Your growing up so fast. I even remember the day i found you, just locked up in a cell all brushed. They must have hurt-ed you. Well i'm glad i found you. Your like a daughter i never had. Well really captain i hear. hahaha! well then your always aloud to visit the whitebeards anytime, but am i your enemy or friend? Well later Laffy. Hope we meet again somewhere while sailing the sea.


"Really. Man I'm glad he's not mad at me at least." Who know what could have happened. I sighed. "Enemy or friend he says. Cheese that man. Ain't it obvious for you." I said sounding angry. I felt like crumbling that letter and throwing it out to the sea. As i thought to myself saying Don't do it. Don't be cruel. Just then I heard some yelling. "What's going on here!?" Walked over to open the door till BOOM! The door exploded sending me to hit against the wall. "Aghhhh!!" I screamed. I felled to my knees. "What..cough...was that about!?" I tried to get up as my body trembled. "An...attack.." I said as I walked outside seeing my man battle in a bloody duel. One by one my crew fell. I pull out my sword and shouted. "How dare you attack my crew! Agh! Melodious Sword!" Music notes spun around me then suddenly comes out a big sword that has a big treble clef on the handle. I gripped the handle then ran towards them, cutting down each of the enemy. Till I saw Rage died on the deck and stopped what I was doing. "Rage, no it can't be.." I said in my thoughts as the horror of seeing her dead made me hesitate to continue. I take a good look around, watching all my crews dying one by one. "No, please no.." I said breathless. Suddenly I felt a cut on my shoulder. "Agh!" I swung my sword! He stops it with his bare hands! Till I face him, making my eyes open wide. Stand me was a familiar face. "Hello there, young lady.." Said a tall man with a white hair. Having a scars under his eye. That color red eye just staring straight down on me. Having that glaze stabbing threw my soul, but just looking at him. Feeling that same atmosphere all over again; it made me trembled. "Oi! Girl, don't you recognized me?" He grabbed my shirt. "Your that girl who killed my brother for this here ship." He spoken as my eyes widen.


"My what a lovely dame ye brought here, Rage." The captain smirked. "Who ye may be girl and why you're here?" He asked and stared at me. "Well since you asked I'll be happy to inform you that I'm here to take your ship, Captain." I gave a small chuckled. "What! Who do you think ye are! Ye thinks you can just walk in here and take me ship!" The captain asked angry. "Precisely.." I gave a grin. He stands from his throne and grabbed his sword. "Oi, fine then laddy I shall make a deal. Let's duel for me ship. If you win, you'll get my ship, but if i win you'll become one of me wife, deal?" said the Captian. "Deal..." I said with some confidence.


So the man standing in-front of me is... I said in my thoughts. Felt a pain in my shoulder from earlier. "Aghhhh!" I shouted while blood dripped down on the deck. "What's up with...this...why won't my body communicate with the Chop-Chop fruit!" He gripped my neck and lifted me up from the deck. "Agh...I can't move." Everything turned hazy. "What's the matter child? Can't use that power of yours?" He said as he smirked while bringing an evil laughter. "I don't understand what's happening!!" I said in my thought "Never thought I'll use this but.." I paused. "What ye up to child?' Said the Captain, suddenly the ship blew up sending me backwards into the sea onto of a board. "Didn't knew I'd use the Bomb Bomb fruit, but i doubt that man is died." I take a good look around. "What will I do now that Dark Sanctuary is destroyed and I won't be able to travel ever again with my crew or I can't swim cause of the Devil fruits." I just looked up at the sky, imagining having a fun time with my crew, just  everyday for a good life; just joking around and sailing out on the open blue without a care in the world where we're heading off to next. "I'm sorry.." A tear ran down my eyes "But today is the last day we celebrate are life. Till i meet internally somewhere's in the heavenly sky.." I closed them not caring wherever the sea takes me. Hearing the ocean wave splashing back and forth till a wave splashed against me till i feel off the board into the sea slowly drowning. "Gah she fell in!" shouted a voice. "I got her! Gum..." The second voice faded, then i blacked out; feeling two hands grabbed against my waist. 

Been nearly two hours since the battle happened. I finally caught back to reality; hearing an echo of voices flowing into my head. "Hey is she still alive?" A voice said. "I don't know, but she sure looks died to me." Another voice spoken. "Don't say that!" Smack. "Well it can be true. She did lost a lot of blood after all, but not like a doctor can't fix!" Said a happily voice. "What? Where am I?" I said as I tried to open my eye while the sun shined threw the window, blurring my vision. "Look she waking up!" A voice spoken with joy. Then my vision became clear. "Hey there!" A boy with black hair and black eyes while wearing a straw hats, with a red vest, blue shorts, and sandals. "Wow is this the one that blew out that ship down the northeast side?" Said another Male. He had a pretty long nose, Suspenders, puffy black hair with a hat. "Whoa you okay girl?" Said a girl with orange hair wearing a average outfit of blue and white stripe shirt and shorts. "Um..gah! who are you people!" I jumped up with a sharp pain on my left shoulder. "Gah!"


"Madam, please don't struggle." said a man with blond hair with a black suit, he hands me a dish of a fine course meal. "I made this for you my dear and may say, your quite gorgeous." He placed my food on my lap. "T-thank you.." I took a look around and glance at the boy with the straw hat. "D-do i know you from somewhere?" saying with a puzzled look. "The name's Lu-" Gets cut off by the man with the long nose. "What you think your doing! Do you even know who she is!?" He whispered. "Take a good look on her right arm." Strawhat looks at her right arm. Revealing her crews symbol. "Okay so what? She got an awesome tattoo?" He looks at the long nose one. "He's right. Ain't she the one from the Melodious Marionette." Said the orange haired girl. "Yah, she's the one worth 300,000,000 bounty in 8 month is what I heard. Hum, what's her name again?" long nose said. "Who cares! If we turn her in who knows how much money we'll get!" She said while money shown on her eyes. The strawhat glanced at me, I was just looking at my food feeling sad. "Hey what's the matter?" Strawhat asked. "Neh, oh sorry was a bit in gaze. haha.." I laughed nervously. "hmm.." He walked over to her. "Its about your ship right?" 


"No no not at all. Ships come and go. Like family..friends..crew.." I got hurt by my own words. It became obvious that something was the matter. "Oh, now i see. Its your crew members, is it?" He replied. "What, hahaha your crazy kid you know that. Yet your right. It's my fault that this happened. I'm the captain here who suppose to protect my crew, but look what turn out! Their all died!" I began to cry. I threw off my food off of my lap to the floor. "Look you shouldn't put yourself down. Everything comes and goes. Your crew doesn't blames you, they fought for your honor so their deed is served. I know how you feel..." He frowned as he wiped my tears. "Don't cry, okay?" He asked as I nodded my head in response.


"How about I go make you another dish of food?" The slender man with blond hair in a suit asked. "Yes, thank you and I apologize for earlier." I responded. "No worries my lovely lady." Saying with a in-love voice. "By the way what's your name, Lady?" Orange hair asked as one girl wearing a cowgirl hat walked in and answered for me. "Chiga D. Laffy, am I correct?" She asked, I nodded my head yes while the straw hat gave me a surprise looked. "What?" I asked him. "L-Laffy?" His eye widen. "Yup that's my name! Don't wear it out!" Saying with a smile. He smiled back. "Don't you recognize me!?" 


"Ah, do I suppose too?" said confused. "It's me! Luffy!" saying with a big grin on his face. "Luffy!" I smile as I give him a big hug. "I missed you so much!"


"Wow you two much be old friends or something, but this is a first." Long nose questioned. "What you mean?" asked orange hair. "I mean like Luffy with a women." he responded. "Phff, your just jealous." Blond haired responded. "No I'm not!"


"Oh! Here meet my crew!" They smiled at me of a greed. "Hello there the name is Namie." Orange haired greeted me. "I'm the great Usopp!" Long nose put a thumb up. "Hello my sweetie, I'm the chief here. The name is Sanji." Saying while holding my hand. "Oh! Your that womanizer that Ace mentioned." His reaction was heartbroken. 'So that's what the guy brother thought of me' he said in his thoughts. "As for me I'm Robin." she then moved her leg revealing a deer in a pink hat. "Ah! So cute!" the deer then gasp. "No, no please don't go. I promise i won't hurt you." I reach out my pinkie. "Hum.." He then moved closer. "Don't worry, I know her. She will never harm you, I promise." Luffy pat his hat. "O-ok, hi there t-the names Chopper.." He said with a shaken voice. "Chopper? Well that's a cute name for a tough one like you." I smiled as he blushed slightly. "W-well thank you."


"Well.." I pause and take a good look at them as they smiled at me. "Nice to meet you all!" Saying while taking Sanji's hand off of mines. "Well nice meeting you guys, but I'll be leaving now." Stands. "Floriline! Where is she!" I ran outside and look around the skies. "Floriline!!" I screamed. "You mean this one?" Sanji pulls out a box with a phoenix in it. She zooms out of the box and flied threw the sky feeling free. I then smile and danced in circle. "La, la, la, la, da, da, da, daaa...," I stopped and blushed of embarrassment when I noticed they we're all staring at me. "D-don't look at me like that!"


"Haha! I remembered when we were little you used to spin in circles while all the birds were singing!" He smiles as I blushed again. "Wait! You seen me do that! This whole time back then I thought I was alone!" Blushed even more red. "Hey speaking of which, we're your gonna live if you don't got your ship anymore?" asked Usopp. I laid my head low from those words. "I haven't really thought of that.." I paused in silence till I felt a touch on my shoulder. "Well you can hang with us for the time being." Said Luffy with that smile on his face that I couldn't help, but smile back.


"Well well well what a jolly good show I see here." Said a familiar voice, I then look back with the that same person and his crew whom's barely injured from the boom boom insistent. There stood face to face, ship to ship; the ones who killed my men and my best friend, Rage. He stood there on his ship that is bigger than the Going Merry. "G-gah! Who's that!" said Usopp. "That's some huge ship!" Said Chopper as he hid behind Zoro. "I-it's you again! Just leave me alone! You already took so much from me already, isn't that enough!"


"Haha! Very cute little girl!" He laughed while the crew just gave a big grin as they all held their weapon. "The name is captain Jake. I'm a hunter and your gonna be my first pray." he smiled sadistic. "Your power will be mine!" All the crew on his ship was laughing. "Not on my watch!" I took a single step, but when I did I felt a sharp pain in my body. "Haha! What you going to do about it girl! You can't even move a muscle!" said Jake while he just laughed. "Gah..dammit all..nn.." I fall to my knees. "I don't understand..I-I have the chop-chop fruit power, w-why do I have a wound! I don't understand!" I said as I tried to stand up. "Iy, your not a bright child are you girl?" said Jake as he slowly laughed. "What do you know! Your just a normal human! You don't have any power to defeat me!" I said in response. "Iy, Iy, Iy..." Shaking his head in disappointment, "Have your father ever told you?" He asked. "T-told me what?" said in response as i shuddered my words. "Your powers of yours, the O'mighty trait that been pass down your family's generation. It's nothing more then a pathetic ability!"


"Your wrong! Your wrong, your wrong, your wrong!!" I responded angrily. "Ha! It is brat! That power of yours merely gives you temperately devil fruit powers! The more fruits you eat of different ability, the less time you have with them...from the looks of it you ate plenty. Enough to conquer the blue sea, i see~" he smirked with a bit of a chuckle in his tone, "Now that your helpless, I can capture you easily." said Jake. I began to trembled as I laid their helpless. My wound began to open once again...i faced a man that shall end this survival game just for a treasure and throne to be queen of the pirates. All i can think of is 'I'll see you soon, my crew.' Tears began to fill my eyes. "Hey, Laffy?" asked Luffy. I snapped back into reality and glanced up at Luffy. "Huh.." 


"Don't worry..I'll protect you." My eyes widen while Luffy gaved me a soft smile. Everything began to blur cause of the loss of blood. Then I passed out into conscious again. Then i wake up in the same room I was in. It was already dark as I seen the other was asleep, but just as i was about to stand up i spotted Luffy laying his head on the edge of the bed. "Seems like you were waiting for me to wake up huh.." I whispered. I carefully got up and walked down to a desk where Floriline was sitting near a piece of paper. "Hey girl..did you been waiting till i woke up too?" She nodded her head. "I wonder what happened. Did luffy won?" I sat down and began to write till Robin came inside. "Luffy managed to punch that guy somewhere out into sea then we got away as fast as we can, but doesn't means he'll be back for you," I simply sighed. "Luffy was very protective of you when you fell in couscious." She smiled. "I can tell cause he has a couple of bruises on his hand." I said while I continued to write. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Writing a letter to a friend." I responded. She walked over to me and pat my back. "Tell Ace i said hi." She smiled then left. I paused for a second then continued to write.


Dear Ace and Whitebeard,

     I'm happy that you wrote back. Sorry It took so long. It took a while for the crew to tell me that Floriline is flying around, but hey! At least i got the letter right. Well um..this is going to be sad to say, but...i lost my crew today plus my ship. So i guess i can't be queen of the pirates anymore. I might return back to you guys, but guess what I'm here with Luffy! I'm taller than him though which is amazing since you guys are really tall. Oh! remember how you told me to watch out for the cook well you were right on that part. Don't worry. Im safe here. Got cut on my shoulder, but other than that I'm okay..i guess. Here at on the strawhats crew is fine except we got attacked by some "Devil Fruit Hunter" who was by the way the one who destroyed my crew. Maybe one day I might have the strength to follow my dreams again. if not then who knows, but for one I will have to find out more information about this so called hunter. He knows a lot what i dont know of what I need to know so this is my new mission for now so I'll be with the Strawhats for a while till then wish me good luck! Oh by the way Nico Robin says Hi? We'll meet again, my friends.


           Chiga D. Laffy


I gave the letter to Floriline as she flew away to deliver it. I then walked back to the bed and laid back down. Drifting back into a slumber.


~End of Chapter 3~



sorry it took so long to update! school been so busy these days and plus i couldnt continue the story on my phone nor laptop...but thank you for the 290 views! like wow i never would imagine that happening!..well as always like, comment, or favorite. i hope you like this chapter. if not then tell me what i should do to make it better or something.  Well thanks for reading >W<

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