How Did We End Up Here?

Have you ever had that one experience that you can never forget? Caroline Elizabeth Kingston has. Caroline is a normal teenage girl by day, but a famous tumblr blogger and a writer at night, who goes by Zabet. One day she goes into work and finds four boys she'd never think she'd meet Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. Hiding in the girls clothing section.


3. The Pizza Parlour

Do you ever hate someone so much that you just don't want to deal with the world? 

The answer to that question is yes. It always is yes. 

I've spent the day with Five Seconds of Summer, which was my dream, but there was one thing I didn't count on. I didn't think that Michael would be so nasty the entire time. It's not that he would go out of his way to be cruel, but every now and then, he would insert a comment and Calum would immediately hit him on the head. 

We're all heading to get something to eat and Calum picks up his phone and calls Harry, asking him to meet us there. I can hear him agree on the other side and then Calum hangs up. He points at the little restaurant across the street. 

"This is it. Let's go!" Calum slows down to walk next to me and slowly starts playing with my hand. Then, looking at me, he intertwines his hand with mine, so we are holding hands. I smile gently to myself and then grin up at Calum. 

We soon enter the little Pizza Parlour and Caum gets us a table as Harry joins us. Everyone sits down and only Michael and I are left standing.

Asshole. That is seriously uncalled for. He grins as he takes the last seat.
"Sorry, looks like there aren't any seats. Bye then Zabet." Harry gets up, and picks up Michael's chair and dumps Michael on the floor. Harry politely offers me the chair. 
"Thank you Harry." I smile softly at him and take the seat. 

"Thank you Harry." Mike mocks me and I just roll my eyes. 

"So..Zabet, if that's even your real name-" Michael starts but I quickly interrupt him.

"My name is Caroline Elizabeth Kingston. If you look ​really hard, you can see ZABET in ELIZABETH." I tell him, over-enunciating my words just to piss him off a little bit. I mean come on, the guy doesn't even know me and he already doesn't like me. Now, what does that say about him? 

"Fuck off Caroline." Mike says warningly. 

"No, you don't get to call me that. No one gets to call me that." I spit back at him. 

"Catfight." Calum says, rolling his eyes. 

"He started it." I say, laughing gently. Mike just gets up and leaves. 

"Wow, isn't someone grumpy?" Calum says laughing along with me.

"That's for sure." 

"So....Zabet, why is a beautiful girl like you working at Target, shouldn't you be modeling?" Calum asks, smiling at me. 

I laugh, pulling a piece of stray hair back behind my ear. "That's so sweet! I work there because I'm saving up for a new electric guitar and I want to fix parts of my car because it's crap."

"Wow, that's cool. You have good reasons. I thought you were going to say a prom dress or something." Luke laughs. 

"Yeah, prom isn't my thing." I laugh along with Luke. 

"Maybe it will be soon."



Sorry everyone. Currently, I am going through a bad breakup and I've been trying to write but it just wouldn't come out right. This is the complete chapter! Hope you all like it!

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