english love affair // h.s

a harry styles fanfic :')


3. two.

The weeks had gone so fast. Catherine's math test was a breeze. She had managed to remember all the properties of surds and passed successfully, her parents proud that she had achieved her set goal. Even though there was a lot of persuasion and protesting, she couldn't get out of her situation... Her holidays were up for England. Visiting her grandparents. It's not that she didn't want to see them, of course she does! But she prefers sitting on her bed, revising topics and reading and listening to music, things she loves doing.

Her bags were packed and her and her parents were loading the car with only her suitcase and carry-on bag.

She was on her way to England!




Catherine had found her grandmother wearing a bright pink top and matching it with white 3/4 pants and small open-toed heels. Granny Amelia had quickly embraced her granddaughter with a bone-crushing hug, leaving her out of breath by the time they've let go.

'How have you been?'

'Good thanks, yourself? Hows the Gramps?'

'Oh well, you know him, always grumpy, but he'll be over the moon when he sees you.'

'You haven't told him?'


Catherine chuckled at her English grandmother and gave her one last hug before heading out the exit of the airport.

The drive there was quite long, Catherine took a nap on the way there. By the time they arrived, it was sunset, the sky a lovely orange mixed with purple and pink and a bit of blue.

'Look, he's out reading the paper as usual.' chuckled Granny.

Gramps looked up as he heard two car doors slam. Gramps being happy at that monent was an understatement. He was beyond happy, even beyond excited.



They both yelled out their greetings, Catherine running into her grandfather's arms, embracing him as she did with her grandmother at the airport.

'How about we go inside, catch up with a cup of tea and have supper soon ,eh?'



'Goodnight, my love,' Granny called out from the dining room, reading a book.

'Night Granny,' she called from the hallway.

Catherine made her way to the guest bedroom, where it is now occupied by her presence for the next 3 weeks. She shut the door, before turning on her light, of course getting a better look at the room. She made her way to her suitcase that was placed on the double bed. Opening it, she pulled out her pyjama bottoms and top, before changing into them.

Turning on the lamp, then making her way to turn off the main lamp, Catherine then made her way back to bed, getting under the covers before laying down.

Hope this holiday will be exciting, she thinks before letting her sleepiness take over her system.



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