english love affair // h.s

a harry styles fanfic :')


2. one

'Square root a over square root b equals to square root a over b,' Catherine recited. She's been trying to memorize the properties of surds for her maths exam that is already month away, even though her maths class has started the topic earlier that day.

'Catherine, we need to talk,' her mother said on the other side to her bedroom door. Catherine sighed, knowing that she's once more distracted by her surroundings. She dropped her pen and got off her desk chair before opening the door and making her way through the house and into their family's living room. Sat in the middle of the large corner sofa were Tom and Katarina. Her parents smiled lightly as she walked in, taking her seat on the opposite couch.


'You've been spending too much time up in your room.'

'I'm studying.'

'From quater past three to half past seven? Honey, that's a long time studying. We hardly see you anymore. Don't you take any breaks?'

'I take a nap.'

'This isn't good. I know you're trying to improve and you're doing really well, but I think you should take a break. Since there's only four weeks left before your three week holidays, your mother and I had decided to send you to England... To visit your grandparents.'


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