Trying to get close {luke fanfic}

Julie Higgins

Luke 'playboy' Hemmings
•obviously a playboy
•sexy af

Two different people that no one thought would date. Luke wanted to just get to Julie just to use her and throw her away like everyone else. But there's one problem with Luke's plan. Julie won't even look at luke let alone talk to him, anyway she is best friends with Michael Clifford. Luke hates Michael so what do you think is going to happen? Could jealousy just get to him hard? Could he love Julie? Or is he gonna try and be friend Michael just to get to Julie. Find out in this story!


2. chapter 1

Julie Higgins POV

Great! I forgot to set my alarm for the first day of school for my Sophomore year, I'm just glad that I'm done with being a Freshmen! Anyway my best friend Michael ran up to my room and woke me up because of the alarm problem.

"JULIE GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED and get ready you have 20 mins, NOW HURRY!!!" Michael yelled, then spoke, then he yelled again and left to go downstairs.

I go to my bathroom and take a shower. Put on my 'All time low' crop top on then a pair of black pre-ripped skinny jeans, with my midnight blue DCs. I put eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick on and left my hair to dry on its own. I was right in time because Michael was just about to yell for me to hurry up and I was already and downstair.

"Took you long enough Julie!" Complained Michael.

"After school you wanna go to the movies?"

"Yeah I'd love to Jewels!" He said

"K cool now let's get to school mikey!" I yelled to him while getting an apple.

He's the one that has the car so we drove off to school and it was pretty fun. We talked about anything and everything while on the 20 min ride. When we got to school Mikey and I locked our arms and went to 1st period, English. It was boring like it was every school day. Since I was a little late there was only one more seat open and it was next to the biggest playboy at the school. I hated him. Just the thought of someone just using people for their own joy, it makes me sick! I was trying to be unnoticed but that didn't work Mrs. Lackrofof [lack-row-fofe] caught me and gave me detention after school. Goodbye movie with Michael :(. She told me to take a seat and I just rolled my eyes because I realized that I had to sit next to Luke Hemmings. Why did you have to have an open seat Luke? Out of everyone, I have to sit next to you?

"Hey babe!" Luke said to me then winked, I just rolled my eyes and sat down. He kept trying to talk to me, then he have up and thought I was muted or something. Then he did something he started writing on a paper and then when he was done he folded it up and handed it to me.

It said;


From: Luke ;)

So I guess your not that kind of person to talk a lot but I'll change that(-_^). Since I have detention also in this stupid fucking class meet me in this class Mrs. Lackrofof is always ending up to fall asleep in detention. I need to talk to you so don't skip!

Love you babe!

Luke xxx ;)

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