I Finally Found You!!!

"I can't believe that after all this time I finally found you Sara!!!" She looked at me with fear in her eyes. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" I felt my heart snap. "You don't know who I am?"


4. Shpoing with my brother

Sara's pov:

Every store we went to i got like 500 cloths from. It was so much fun geting to shop again. When we got home we had a bunch of boxes and cloths. Niall had to call the lads up and ask them for help. I laughed as their jaws dropped at the sight of all the stuff we got.

When we finall got inside and everything was put away we all collapsed on the ground. "Okay i know girls like to shop and all but really!!!" Harry said trying not to smile. I laughed out loud as i shook my head. "Okay so what was your favorite part of today." Liam asked looking at me and looking at Niall.

I looked at Niall who was talking to Zayn. "I dont want say until Niall says his." Niall turned around and said, "That's an easy my favorite part about today was geting to see your smile." I started to blush when he said that. "Well my favorite part about today was getting to spend it with you." As the boys were all "aawwwww"ing i walked over and gave him a big hug. "Well i wouldn't have wanted to spend today any other way."

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