The hardnesss in our hearts

I see many people like MLP My little Pony so i have decided to make a MLP Movellas!

Sweetie Belle finds her sister as betrated her.


2. Leather Do Bad

 Sweetie Belle.........SWEETIE BELLE WAKE UP!   Sweetie Belle jumped off her bed.  What in Equestria!?  It's time for you to wake up and go out in ponyville so I can work on my dresses.  Sheesh so much for good morning.  Sweetie muttered.  She skipped out the Door.  What should I do?  She thought.  Applebloom's of course!  She sprinted towards Sweet Apple Acres.  On the way she bumped into a pony.  Oh sorry my fault I-  The pony she had run into, she hadn't seen before. Oh my mistake.  Said the pony.  She had long blonde hair, and red eyes.  I didn't see where I was going.  She said. I'm Leather do bad.  What's your name?  She said.  Sweetie- Belle.  She said.  Charming.  You have a older sister?  Leather asked.  Yes-  wait how do you know that!  She yelled.  Leather laughed.  On darling I know everyone.  The pony was a unicorn.  Anyway you do have a older sister?  Asked leather.  Yes, I do her name is Rairty. She's a unicorn and she makes dresses- SWEETIE BELLE!  Yelled  voice.  Sweetie turned to see AppleJack.  Oh mighty sorry, but can I have a word sugar cube?  Um sure?  She said.  The walked a ways away.  Sugar cube what are you doing talking to  pony like that.  She looks evil!  No not evil!  She yelled back.  AppleJack nodded, and walked away.  Sweetie Belle went back over to Leather.  Sorry.  She said.  No no it's fine.  Leather replied.  I do want to know though.  Where can I find Rairty?



*trot* *trot*  hi Applebloom!  She yelled hi Sweetie Belle!  I came here to see if you could play- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!     A loud piercing scream erupted through the air.  It sounded like Rairty's.  AppleJack galloped past them.  I think Rairty's in trouble!  She yelled.  Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom galloped right behind her.   Then there was a loud Laugh.  They arrived at Rairty's, and saw a flash of green, and purple light, through the Windows.  Sweetie Belle pushed through the door, and rushed up the stairs.  She burst through Rairty's working room, and saw Leather.  She was tying up Rairty.  She through Rairty in a bag, and tied the bag.  YOU YOU!  Yelled Sweetie.  Leather turned.  A evil smile creeped on to her face.  Watch out kid.  She said.  She spread out wings, that Sweetie hadn't noticed before.  That's right.  There's not only 4 alicorns in Equestria.  She took the bag with her horn, and flew through the ceiling.  AppleJack and Applebloom had just bursted through the work room.  They saw the damaged ceiling.  She's gone.  Muttered Sweetie Belle.  Just then Leather flew through the ceiling without the bag.  She did a spell that pushed AppleJack and her sister down the stairs.  She took sweetie belle, and tied her up, she then stuck her in a bag, and closed it.  Sweetie felt a whoosh that met Leather had took flight.  Then there was a lurch, and Sweetie no longer heard the screams from ponies.  Instead she heard crocodiles. She was scared.

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