In Your Wildest Dreams

Tiffany never had any luck. She was the good girl that always ended up with the wrong boy. After her last relationship comes to a messy end, she's given up not only on love but also life. However, chance brings her to someone who is about to change her mind on everything...and bring her wildest dreams to life.


1. Prologue

I woke up, my eyes crusty with sleep.  After blinking a few times, I was able to pry my eyes open.  I stared around the room; everything looked the same.  This was my bedroom and nothing was out of place; nothing was different.  But I felt different.  I just wasn't sure why.  I shook the feeling and rolled out of bed.  Stretching and yawning, I wandered out to the kitchen for breakfast and was stopped in my tracks.  There appeared to be a large mess on my living room floor.  Unusual, as I am a very neat and organized person.  I walked over to inspect the mess, but when I bent over blackness filled my sight.  Dizzy...I was so very dizzy.  I fell to the floor and sprawled out in an attempt to regain some composure.  A minute, maybe two, passed but it felt like hours.  The world continued to swirl around me and I was beginning to feel nauseous.  I rolled onto my side to ease my nausea and opened my eyes to the "mystery mess".  A photo album, letters, stuffed animals, jewelry, a jewelry box, and an empty pill bottle...  What happened?  None of this made any sense.  I picked up the photo album and cracked it open.  That's when I came face to face with...him.  It quickly came flooding back...

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