In Your Wildest Dreams

Tiffany never had any luck. She was the good girl that always ended up with the wrong boy. After her last relationship comes to a messy end, she's given up not only on love but also life. However, chance brings her to someone who is about to change her mind on everything...and bring her wildest dreams to life.


7. Chapter 6

It's been 3 weeks now since the last time I talked to him.  I'm not going to lie; it hasn't been easy.  It's been downright miserable.  I've been going through the motions of my daily life, but I think my heart is starting to heal.  The pain is still very real, but it only comes in waves now instead of floods.  I guess what I really needed was to cut him out of my life, as painful as that thought still was.  

"You think too much," I mumbled to myself.

I sighed and climbed out of bed, sliding my phone off my nightstand.  I looked at it and noticed the unfamiliar blink that indicated I had a text message.  I had a text message?  I never had texts anymore; at least, not since I blocked Mark.  My heart started pounding.  What if he had somehow changed his number and was texting me again?  I couldn't handle that.  I simply could not.  I looked down at the blinking light and debated whether or not I should even bother to unlock my phone to see who it was from.  If it was from him, I would lose any progress I had made thus far.  I didn't want that.  However, it could also be a text completely unrelated to Mark and what if I was ignoring something important?  What if it was my mom or dad letting me know something had happened?  The anxiety about this damn text message was ridiculous and I started laughed at the absurdity of the situation.  After a few minutes of indecisiveness, I resolved to at least unlock my phone and see who the text was from.  A wave of relief washed over me when I noticed it was from Laura, my best friend back in Minnesota.  I opened the text. 'Call me ASAP!'  That was all it said.  The anxiety came rushing back while my mind jumped to all the negative connotations the text possibly held.  I speed dialed her and waited impatiently as the other end of the phone rang.  I was on the fourth ring and getting ready to hang up when I heard a familiar voice.

"Hello?" Laura murmured.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, both nervous about her news and excited to hear her voice again.

"Oh, hi!" she replied.

There was an awkward pause and I simply could not hold it in anymore.  I needed to know what was so urgent.

"So, what's up?" I asked nervously.

"Well, I have some exciting far are you from Nashville?"

I was instantly confused.  What the Hell did Nashville have to do with anything?!

"Uh, I don't know.  Let me check," I stated, flipping open my laptop.

I went straight to Google maps and typed in my location and Nashville.  3 hours.  Wow, I seriously didn't think Indiana was that close to Tennessee.  Crazy!  Just goes to show I was never that good with geography.

"I guess only 3 hours," I said, still stunned about the close proximity.

"Sweet!" Laura exclaimed.  "So, One Direction are going to be in Nashville next month..."

I instantly started hyperventilating.  One Direction.  In Nashville.  3 hours from me.  Good Lord, I was beyond excited!  Laura and I had adored these five crazy boys since we first saw their video diaries from the X-Factor last year on YouTube.  Unfortunately, they were a UK based band and hadn't yet made it big in the U.S.  Until now, I guess.  

"So, whadda say?" Laura asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Well of course we're going!" I almost screamed.

She laughed, "I thought so."

I listened intently for more details, but all I heard was her sigh.

"What's that for?"

"Well, tickets are already sold out...I didn't find out about the concert until yesterday.  I just haven't been able to get online much between school and work." 

I deflated, but I understood.  Working full-time and going to grad school full-time was basically like working two full-time jobs.  I was rarely online myself lately; although, that was partly due to my desire to avoid the world.

"Well damn," I whispered, "I was s pumped about this."

"There is one option depending on how bad we wanna go."

"Anything," I laughed.

That was pretty much true.  I so desperately craved something meaningful in my life, like this concert, that I would probably give a limb to be able to go!  However, realistically, I was nowhere near rich.  I was a struggling graduate school student who could barely make ends meet each month.

"There are tickets on Stubhub.  Floor seats are $250."


Was there any way I could make that work?  I started doing math in my head, trying to decide what I could give to make this concert happen.  

"Ah fuck it," I mumbled to myself.

"I'll make it work," I replied to Laura.

"You sure?"

"Fuck yes I'm sure!"

"Great!  I'll buy the tickets then and you can just pay me back?"

"Works for me!"

"Awesome!  Well, I'll call later this week to talk travel details.  I gotta get to work."

"Sounds good.  Talk to you later."

I grinned and hung up the phone.  I flopped back onto my bed and let out a squeal.  This was seriously the best thing to happen to me in years.  Ever since I'd discovered One Direction, I'd fallen head over heels for each and every one of them.  More importantly, they'd saved my life more times that I could count.  When I found myself in my deep, dark hole of depression, I'd go to YouTube and watch their performances and listen to their music to help me find the light again.  They were honestly five nutty boys.  And I just wanted to be best friend with all of them.  My life would be so much happier with them in it.  I burst out in laughter at that thought.  That would never happen.  I was an average girl with a super boring life.  Those boys were so much more than average.  Something like that would happen only in my wildest dreams.  Regardless, this concert is the first thing I've been excited about since Mark and I broke up.  For the first time in what felt like forever, I actually felt hopeful.  I've had my share of bad luck, so I was due for something wonderful.  Maybe something even more wonderful, perhaps even magical would happen at the concert.  Even if I could just say hi to the boys, it would be enough.  My mind went crazy daydreaming about what I thought could happen at the concert.  I was definitely being ridiculous, but it felt good to have something to look forward to.  A glimmer of hope was starting within me and I was going to hold onto that as much as I could, even if it took unbelievable daydreams to make that happen.

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