In Your Wildest Dreams

Tiffany never had any luck. She was the good girl that always ended up with the wrong boy. After her last relationship comes to a messy end, she's given up not only on love but also life. However, chance brings her to someone who is about to change her mind on everything...and bring her wildest dreams to life.


14. Chapter 13

The concert was incredible.  Never have I been so impressed with a performance; the boys not only blew me away with their live vocals, but also interacted amazingly with the fans.  They were just so down to earth; one of the many reasons I loved One Direction.  Laura and I danced, sang, laughed, and even cried.  The only downfall was every time I looked at Harry I flashed back to a few hours ago during our meeting in the alley.  “We’ll continue this later” kept haunting me.   I tried to focus on the other boys, but it was hard.  Somehow, he always managed to be right there.  My saving grace was that we were at least 30 rows back, so there was no way he could see me.  Thank God I thought.  At least he can’t follow through with his threat.  The lights blinked back on and everyone started filing out of the arena.  Laura was attempting to yell something at me, but it was entirely muffled.  My ears were still ringing.

“What?” I screamed.

“Should. We. Wait?” she enunciated.

I nodded.  There was no sense in trying to leave now.  We’d just be standing and waiting anyway.  We sat down and watched as the crowd slowly dwindled down.  Finally, after about 10 minutes, the crowd had significantly thinned out and my hearing was slowly returning. 

“Ready?” I asked.

Laura nodded.  We got up and headed out of the floor area.  Now I can leave Harry and all of this behind me.  We were getting ready to start up the stairs towards the main level of the arena when a guard stopped us.

“Miss?” he asked, looking directly at me.

“Yeah?” I asked nervously.  What now?!

“I was requested to bring you backstage.”

I gulped.  This was seriously not happening.

“Are you sure it’s me you need?”

The guard nodded, “Please follow me.”

“Wait, what?!” Laura screamed.

“Excuse me?” the guard replied.

“I’m so confused right now.”

“This is my friend.  She came with me to the concert, so…”I interrupted.

The guard nodded his head, apparently in understanding, “Right.  Well, I guess she will come with as well.”

The guard started walking back toward the stage, obviously expecting us to follow.

“What the Hell?!” Laura whispered.

“Oh, so…remember when I didn’t tell you what happened while I was gone?” I replied.

She nodded.

“Ladies?” the guard interrupted, stopped halfway up the aisle looking back at us.  I looked at Laura and she nodded her head in signal that we begin following him.  We rushed to catch up with him and the guard sighed in satisfaction and continued moving forward.

“So, I…I kind of…um, ran into Harry Styles,” I spit out.

“YOU WHAT?!” she yelled.

The guard looked back at us and frowned.

“I ran into Harry Styles…behind Target,” I whispered.

“Behind Target?  What were you doing…nevermind.  That is not important right now.  You seriously ran into Harry Styles…like the Harry Styles?”

I nodded.

“Oh. My. GOD!”

I nodded again, “I think this has something to do with that.”

“This way ladies,” the guard interrupted, opening a gate.  We entered and waited for him to lead us onward.  We followed him back behind the stage and through a door in the inner workings of the arena.  A few minutes later, we found ourselves standing in front of a door with a sign on it reading One Direction.  Laura instantly started hyperventilating, from excitement I presumed.  I, on the other hand, was hyperventilating from nerves.  My heart was racing; my palms were sweating.  I never thought Harry would follow through with his threat; I honestly never thought he’d take the time out to hunt me down…or even find me.  The guard knocked on the door and slid quietly in.

“Wait here please,” he said to us before closing the door.

“Oh my God!” Laura exclaimed, “Are we going to meet One Direction?”

“I don’t know,” I rasped.

“Why aren’t you excited?”


“Details.  NOW.:

I opened my mouth in an attempt to explain to her my encounter with Harry when the door opened again.  We both held our breath, but it was only the security guard.

“Miss, Mr. Styles would like to meet with you.  Alone.”

I gulped.  Laura’s jaw dropped.  This was such a mess.

“Miss…” the guard started, looking at Laura.

“Laura,” she said.

“Miss Laura.  Would you like to spend some time with the rest of the boys?  They said they wouldn’t mind.”

I didn’t know it was possible, but her jaw dropped even further.  Her head bobbed up and down vigorously in agreement.  I was glad; at least this experience would magical for one of us.  The guard knocked on the door again and this time he waited for it to be opened.  After a moment, the door opened and there stood Niall.  Laura screamed; I expected Niall to react negatively, but he just laughed.

“Nice to meet you too,” he grinned.

He opened the door wider and motioned for Laura to enter.  I could barely see inside, but caught of glimpse of Liam and Louis.  Laura ran over to me, gave me a huge hug, and then traipsed into the room.  Niall peered out from behind the door again and smiled at me.

“You must be the lucky girl,” he said.

I shrugged and half nodded, assuming he was referring to the fact that Harry wanted to see me.

“Good luck.” 

With that, he was gone.

“Miss, please follow me,” the guard stated.

I followed him again down the hall to another door.  There was no sign on this one; it was just blank.  He opened up and led me inside.  The room was small; at some point, it was probably a janitor’s closet.  Now, it was just an empty room with an old, ratty couch, a desk, and 2 chairs.

“Mr. Styles will be with you soon Miss,” the guard smiled as he left, closing the door ehind him. 

I was left with my thoughts, but all I could do was worry.  My stomach was turning and I swore I was going to puke.  I slid down onto the couch and briefly considered leaving.  It was a good thought; I could escape out of this before anything worse happened.  I pondered escape routes in my mind, but ultimately decided I couldn’t do that to Laura.  She deserved this and I wasn’t going to rob her of her time with the boys because of my insensitivity.  What had I gotten myself into?  My hands were shaking, I was that nervous.  I glanced at my left forearm; the blood had dried and the cuts were scabbed over.  I really wished I had worn long sleeves so I could them from Harry.  I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself and was hoping that if I could hide the cuts, he wouldn’t have anything to talk to me about.  I started thinking of ways to at least make them less noticeable when I was interrupted.  The door knob was turning.

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