Punk Rock Love❤️

Summer Breeze Is Ashton's Sister and she's only fourteen and madly in love with Ashton's band mate Michael...What happens when she goes on tour with them... Find out by reading:Punk Rock Love❤️


1. Meeting Summer😜

Summer Breeze p.o.v.

Hi,My name is Summer Breeze Irwin and my brother is Ashton Irwin form Five Seconds of summer and I'm madly in love with Michael...It all began...FLASHBACK: Michael promise you won't let anyone tell you wrong about me,Okay?? Summer I know,okay we can't tell anyone when I mean anyone I mean ANYONE! So don't blurb you're mouth out saying you're in love with me to anybody! Got it?. Yeah. FLASHBACK OVER..

So that's how Ashton don't know about me and Michael.... So now I'm being made to live with Ashton.. Don't get me wrong I do love him but I have to face Harry Styles😒 Yeah,Ashton,Luke,Michael and Luke is on tour with One Direction for FOUR MONTHS!!! Just Great...

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