3. Chapter 2

When I arrived to school all halls were clear, except for the old janitor, who was to busy cleaning the windows to notice my presence.


Luckily I didn't get in any trouble by being late just a warning since I was new and all.


So, right know I am stuck in English for 25 more minutes.


"Okay class for today I am assigning you guys a project you'll have to participate in a community activity meaning you will have to go out and pick a place that interest you here in our community and do some observation and then we will come back as a class to discuss what we learned," the teacher says her annoying voice loud and clear.


Everyone in the class groaned while I was excited as long as we weren't paired up with some idiot who let you do all the work.


"I know I know, but it will be fun to learn what people do in those places now we have 10 minutes left," Mrs. Clark said while glancing at the clock, " You can talk quietly."


​Instead of talking because I didn't have no one to talk to I raised my hand to ask to go to  the bathroom.


"Yes how can i help you?" Mrs. Clark asked politely.


"May I go to the bathroom."


"Sure but please hurry back."


"I will," I assure her.


As i walked down the hall I heard whispers and as I got closer to the end of the hall they got louder.


Once I rounded the corner I saw students and teachers all outside there classes looking at something or someone. I found curiosity getting to me so I asked a girl that stood in front of me what was going on.


"Oh this had been going on for a while never knew it was this serious you know people always said he talked to himself and was pure evil but I thought it was all rumors you know but I see now its serious who would have know," she rambled and turned her attention to the little group she was with.


"Who are you talking about," I said confused.


She simply ignored me.


"Make way please," I heard a deep voice command.


As soon as students made space two guards came in view holding that guy in the motorcycle. His head hanging low as both of his hands cuffed and rude comments were thrown at him.


I stood shocked as I heard people call him "crazy" and "psychotic" but one comment made chills run down my whole body "I heard he killed his parents."


Harry that was his name.


And he killed his parents.


I gulped as those words clouded my mind. Could this be another rumor. I thought to myself looking down at my shoes.


Just as I looked up my eyes locked with Harrys' and he send me an evil smirk and winked.


I gulped for a second time as I heard gasp from other students.


And with that Harry was escorted out the double doors.



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