The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


12. Paige vs. Mr. Stupid NoHead

Sebiscuits finally found Baby Intelligence in the MBH.

"What is it, Sebiscuits?" Baby Intelligence asked. "We're on our way to find his base."

His? Oh yes. Mr. Stupid NoHead. "I forgot to tell you, it's in Palmyra. This time, it's on the ground."

"All right. Let's go," Peter said. Both got on board, where Paige, Baby Strength, and Force Baby were waiting.

It wasn't long before they reached the base.

We've made it! The base is just where it should be, Sebiscuits thought. "There's only five robots."

"It only takes one robot to sound the alarm," Peter pointed out.

"Then we'll sneak in quietly," Sebiscuits replied.

Just then, the robots spotted them. "There they are! Blast them!"

The S.M.S.B. quickly retaliated, igniting their swords as the robots opened fire. The robots were no problem. As Force Baby blasted robots with his gun, Paige and the other three babies sliced one robot after another.

"Paige! Over here!" Baby Intelligence screamed.

Paige rushed over, deflected a bullet with the energy shell on her sword, and used a giant force field to blast a tank controlling the robots.

"Great job, Paige!" said Peter. The SMSB rushed inside, only to be greeted by more robots.

As the fighting continued, Paige rushed toward another room, where an elevator was waiting.

Where does she think she's going? Sebiscuits rushed after her.

It took a while to find her, but he finally found her on a balcony.

"Paige!" said Sebiscuits when he finally caught up. "I must talk to you about something."

"What is it, Sebiscuits?" Paige said when she saw him. "I'm kind of in a hurry here. I've just barely tracked NoHead."

"That's exactly it," Sebiscuits replied. "I'm coming with you."

"No, you're not!" Paige snapped, and headed toward an airspeeder parked on the other end of the room.

"You can't take him alone. He is very powerful. You'll need my help."

Paige's eyes narrowed. "No. Stay out of this," she said sternly. "I must do this alone. Not to mention how much confusion you bear."

"I must go, Paige," he insisted. "I've faced NoHead. You haven't."

"No," Paige said, and boarded the airspeeder.

She still doesn't trust me. She never has. "Fine," he said resentfully. He stayed where he was, hoping until the last minute that Paige would change her mind. Finally, he left toward a room NoHead had introduced him to--a luxurious-looking room where the NoHeads meditated. The room was dim and empty. He tried to meditate, but his mind and heart were too overwhelmed. He knew Paige could destroy NoHead. I won't let you die, NoHead... Sebiscuits sobbed.

Finally he ran toward a NoHead shuttle and took off toward Mr. Stupid NoHead's quarters.


Meanwhile, Paige, flanked by three police she had known since she was little, entered NoHead's quarters.

NoHead eyed the quartet carefully as they drew their swords. "Is that a threat?"

"Take a logical guess," Paige replied coolly.

NoHead drew his own sword. "I think it is." Snarling, he leaped toward his quarries with uncanny speed. The police, who only knew how to use guns, were dispatched quickly. In a moment of distraction, the first was impaled by NoHead through the abdomen. The second attempted to strike the NoHead from behind, but NoHead parried the blow and cut him down.

With two of the four police dead, NoHead immediately engaged Paige and the remaining policeman. The police managed to fend off NoHead's initial strikes, but he was cut down mere seconds after the fall of his two companions.

Paige gulped. She hadn't seen that coming! Her entire strike force dead, she was left to contend with might of the Dark Lord alone.

However, Paige, an apprentice of Baby Intelligence, found an equal in the supervillain. Both mutants clashed, and the swordfight led them to NoHead's spacious laboratory.


Even by airspeeder, the trip seemed to take forever. Sebiscuits was vaguely aware of robot guards he passed on the way. Then he rushed through the doorway to the lab. What he saw shocked him motionless. Wind whistled past him from the gaping hole that had been a huge window at the far end of the room, blowing dust on the bodies of the fallen police. In front of the window, Paige was menacing Mr. Stupid NoHead. "You are under the death sentence, Mister," Paige said, motioning Sebiscuits to step back.

But NoHead was not looking at Paige. "Sebiscuits!" he cried. "I was right! The S.M.S.B. betrayed us!"

Sebiscuits didn't know what to say.

"The NoHeads will not return to power. You have lost the fight."

Just as NoHead was about to electrocute Paige, she used a force field to push him into one of his own machines. It was a torture device.

Paige closed the door and locked it. "I was right, Sebiscuits!" she said enthusiastically, and pushed the button, activating the device.

Sebiscuits took an involuntary step forward. "She's a culprit!" NoHead screamed from inside. Arcs of lightning spat from all sides of the machine.

"He is the culprit!" Paige groaned, shielding her eyes from the lightning.

Inside the torture machine, NoHead was hurting badly. Lightning and needles picked at him. His hair thinned and broke off his head; his skin wrinkled; his teeth were sharpened. His clothes were ripping. "Don't let me die!" he shrieked.

Finally, Paige opened the door to the machine. She was a little shocked.

"I give up..." NoHead moaned. "Please, don't kill me! I give up."

Paige pointed her lightsaber at the damaged NoHead. "You criminal disease!" she snarled. "Now it is truly over!"

"No, it's not!" Sebiscuits shouted, horrified at the man he saw. "What are you trying to pull?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" said Paige, shooting Sebiscuits a quick glance.

"He is not a bad man!" Sebiscuits shouted. "You're a bad woman! Due to you, no one likes me! He is my friend! He said so! You can't do this!"

OK, this makes zero sense. "I can, and I will! He's a murderer! He can't live!" She raised her sword...and Sebiscuits intervened, severing her right hand. Her hand, still holding the sword, fell out the window. Thus she was defenseless against another stream of lightning.

Sebiscuits was shocked. NoHead was faking! He wasn't tired at all!

Paige howled and reeled. "Power!" NoHead shouted. "Unlimited victory!"

Another wave of lightning struck Paige and slammed her backward, and back again, then it lifted her through the space where the window had been, high into the night sky--and dropped her for a 4-story fall.

Sebiscuits watched in horror as Paige fell. "What have I done?"

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