The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


17. Final Battle

Meanwhile, Mr. Stupid NoHead landed in his room. There he found his secret weapon inside a compartment--a metal, yellow tube that could perform extremely powerful attacks.


Meanwile, Baby Intelligence landed his fighter. He was relieved to see all three members were ahead and in the spacious lobby. Hell Burnbottom and Rotta Hecks were watching from above, soon joined by Mr. Stupid NoHead.

NoHead noticed they were all assembled. Yes, this will be very interesting indeed. On his command, robots came pouring into the lobby. Baby Intelligence rushed at them, his sword ablaze. The S.M.S.B. followed him and they cut down the first horde of robots with ease. That's when robots started pouring in from all sides. So many robots! Can we--he turned. Force Baby had somehow seized control of a handcart. Baby Strength cut down one more robot and climbed aboard.

From his private box overlooking the lobby, NoHead watched the battle unfold. Suddenly, it struck him. This is all Rotta's doing! She brought this on all of us!

He turned toward Rotta and cut straight to the chase. "Rotta! This is all your fault!"

Rotta looked bewildered. "What do you mean?"

You clueless disease. "You could have raised him as a NoHead. But no. You were too lazy!" He raised his hands.

Rotta's face was blank. My lord...

Zap! NoHead fired a bolt of lightning which zapped Rotta's cheek, knocking her into the other end of the balcony.

OK, what's wrong with him? Rotta wondered, rubbing her cheek.

"So...weak!" NoHead said, cackling. This chump will have to go.


Down below, Paige deserted the fight. She had taken out ten robots and their commander, RC-3, before rushing for her fighter. Her destination: a volcano.

Baby Intelligence had the magma swords submerged in lava here. Paige landed her fighter in the volcano's pinnacle and went to get hers and return to the fight with a better weapon.

Just as she reached for the sword, however, another sword ignited behind her. "It was foolish of you to come here, Paige."

She turned to see Sebiscuits about to slash her from behind. Nice try! She took a leap into the air, ignited her original sword, and landed. "I don't think so," she said. "The dark side is an easier path, not a stronger one."

"You are a fool, Paige," said Sebiscuits charged.

He hasn't learned anything yet, thought Paige, and met his attack.

Sebiscuits' sword flowed effortlessly as he spun his sword in all five directions with lightning speed. Paige met the attack with graceful strides and twirls, keeping her predator at bay.


Rotta got up, her eyes focused on the cloaked traitor before her. "Have it your way." She fired a stream of lightning, which was met by NoHead's stream. Both lightning bolts collided in the middle.

Didn't see that coming. If I can just-- NoHead smiled as he pressed his attack. Behind the crackling beam formed between the two bolts, Rotta was trying to do the same thing. At first, she was confused at why she was doing this, but-- No. NoHead meant the world to me, but a traitor is a traitor. Just then, Mr. Stupid NoHead saw Hell Burnbottom about to get to his feet, and called to him, "Stay where you are!" He gritted his teeth. "This brat's mine!"

Hell Burnbottom sat down again. Realizing he couldn't redirect the lightning after all, NoHead released three beams from the center.

What's he doing? What are those? Rotta soon had her answer. Blinding beams circled around her, enveloping her body. She went spinning across the balcony to the edge, screaming in excrutiating pain. The incredible pain seemed to be draining her life. She saw the edge coming up fast, and then everything was gone.

She fell off the edge, and hit the ground hard. She died before her body hit the ground.

Baby Intelligence was still fighting the Rockets, but had noticed the battle midway. Now he realized why, and a pang of terror rushed into his heart. He knocked aside another bullet and ran over toward her corpse. "No! Mom!" he screamed. This can't be! It just can't! What has NoHead done?

He grabbed her tight and started crying. The tears running from his eyes scraped his cheek and landed on Rotta's unmoving cheek.

Suddenly, he heard NoHead clapping. "Congratulations, Peter," he said coldly. "Your act was inspiring."

Baby Intelligence looked up at the balcony. You piece of shit! I'm going to make you pay for this!

His anger was swelling now, igniting like a flame in his chest. Avoiding a laser blast, he rushed to the wall overlooking the balcony and climbed it. It only took a few seconds to make it to the top.

Once aboard, he drew his sword. Instead of drawing his own, NoHead electrocuted Baby Intelligence. As the lightning pinned him to the floor, Peter writhed in pain until NoHead released the beam a moment later. "It is foolish to challenge me," said NoHead as he advanced on Peter. "This is the S.M.S.B.'s final hour!"

Baby Intelligence jumped to his feet and ignited his sword again. "Oh, I don't think--"

Zap! Before he could finish, he was knocked to the floor again by a streak of lightning NoHead wove from his tube. Peter groaned as NoHead towered over him. "This is your last stand," he said. "I'm going to destroy you." Baby Intelligence continued to huff as he watched NoHead kneel toward him. "After tonight, the NoHeads will return to power. Nothing will stand in our way! And if my world ever speaks of you, they'll speak only of how you proved to be a wuss!"

He raised his sword, only to be met by Peter's. Baby Intelligence thrusted his blade aside and got to his feet. With that, he attacked his enemy fiercely. Sparks flew as he released his most ferocious attack yet. With effort, Mr. Stupid NoHead blocked and parried each move.


Meanwhile, Paige and Sebiscuits continued to clash. Finally, their swords locked onto each other.

"You have unusual powers, jerk," Sebiscuits said, shooting Paige a rough yet condescending look. As he spoke, he kept his blade braced against Paige's. "But not enough to save you!"

Unexpectedly, instead of replying, Paige closed her eyes, broke the contact, and held her sword down.

Sebiscuits could hardly believe it. She's surrendering! Without any mercy or hesitation whatsoever, Sebiscuits swung hard, slicing through Paige's form. And then the satisfying sound of Paige's larger body hitting the floor filled Sebiscuits's ears, and he laughed. Then he used his telekinesis to seize his and Paige's magma swords.


Meanwhile, the duel between Mr. Stupid NoHead and Baby Intelligence continued across the balcony. Baby Intelligence attacked NoHead with such intensity that the energy shells of their swords began to short out. NoHead, taken completely off guard by Peter's sudden increase in power and aggression, was forced onto his back foot and quickly driven into the hallway adjoining the balcony. Baby Intelligence continued to hammer NoHead with vicious power attacks until the villain lost his footing and collapsed against a railing on the side of the bridge. After a few more blows, Baby Intelligence drove NoHead's sword aside with an undercut, causing him to collapse onto the floor.

NoHead's sword fell off the balcony. I've got you now! Baby Intelligence thought.

"Get a grip," NoHead said. "What has Rotta ever done for you?"

She didn't know. She was only working for you because no one else would hire her. Besides, I couldn't control my powers when she left me. As he held his enemy at bladepoint, Baby Intelligence demanded, "Why did you kill her?"

"Because I could." He fired a giant lightning blast from his tube he'd found. Peter went flying off the balcony. Dazed, he got up just as NoHead landed. He spared a glance at his pupils. Looks like Force Baby and Baby Strength are making progress.

Mr. Stupid NoHead charged the tube, about to fire again. Just as he had his finger on the switch, Baby Intelligence used his telekinesis to snatch it from him. The tube went flying through the air and into Peter's hand.

Meanwhile, Force Baby found himself back-to-back with Baby Strength. Force Baby took out robots with his gun and Baby Strength deflected blasts back toward opponents, until--

"Baby Strength! Look!" Force Baby shouted.

Baby Strength gasped. Baby Intelligence had used the metal tube to attack NoHead with a cord of red light, which NoHead had countered with lightning, causing both streams to cross! NoHead grunted as he swung his arm to quickly redirect the lightning (still locked in battle with Baby Intelligence’s tube) in all directions, with lightning-like tendrils popping off from the main beam. The fury of his attack caused seats to explode and chunks of the wall to come crashing down on the floor. Even from twenty feet away, Force Baby could feel the heat; however, Baby Strength couldn't feel it at all.

Finally, NoHead broke the connection and, with his free hand, quickly conjured a stream of fire from his mouth. Force Baby and Baby Strength's jaws dropped as the stream landed on the ground and the bottom half looped neatly into something of a giant serpent. The cord immediately realized Baby Intelligence's presence, and the fire cord reared down and shot toward its enemy. However, Baby Intelligence quickly caught it in the metal tube. He flipped a switch, unaware of what it did. Uh-oh, he thought. This could get very messy. Just then, a huge, yellow beam came out the end. The beam plunged straight into NoHead's body. NoHead began to scream in pain, and entire flakes of his skin began to fall off. Amid his agony, NoHead tried to rush at Peter, but before he could get to his feet Baby Intelligence fired another beam just like the first. NoHead lifted into the air, screaming in pain, sparks pouring out from his crumbling skin. His body seemed to flatten slightly, and boom! An eerie howl filled the air as the criminal Peer had been chasing after for months without end exploded in a release of violent energy.

Mr. Stupid NoHead was dead.

He's gone! thought Baby Intelligence as a few white-hot sparks and burning skin flakes flew past his face.

With that, all the robots deactivated and Hell Burnbottom made an emergency getaway in a small patrol craft.

Baby Intelligence made for the balcony, where he spotted a portable microphone. He hooked it to the balcony and spoke to his bewildered friends. "Settle down, my friends," he said. "NoHead has been destroyed!"

Force Baby and Baby Strength looked up, shocked.

Baby Intelligence's focus settled to the other two members. "We have suffered many losses," he continued, "but he is gone forever!"

"Yes!" the two cheered, hi-fiving each other.

The battle was over. They had won.

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