The Super Babies - Part 1 (9+)

Rotta and Greg Hecks have a baby, unaware of the powers he possesses. Finally they abandon him, but he is adopted by the police and trained to be a superhero. Baby Intelligence is born. He promises to train other babies who have unusual powers, knowing there ARE others. The S.M.S.B. is born! On top of it all, the darkest force their town has ever known may be returning, and more powerful than ever. Now it's up to Baby Intelligence to defeat them once and for all.


10. A Teenager Among X-Babies

Now, Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits are a team!

Soon, a third mutant came to join them. Her name was Paige, and unlike Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits she was 15 years old.

"I have to test you," was Peter's reply.

"Okay," said Paige, and bowed.

After the tests were over, Peter showed Paige the results. "So, I see you can cast force fields...and wield a sword well...and you're surprisingly agile for someone your size."

"So...have I passed?" asked Paige.

"Yes," said Baby Intelligence. "You have passed. What's really nice is that since you're way older than both me and Sebiscuits combined, I can learn things from you that not I have not yet experienced. Sebiscuits! Come here!"

Sebiscuits arrived.

"Meet our new member!" said Baby Intelligence.

Paige waved.

Baby Intelligence walked closer to Sebiscuits. "Sebiscuits, did I ever tell you that there used to be many NoHeads? Paige led the police to ambush and massacre them. At age 9!"


"Wipe out. Only one survived. And I'm sure you know who that was."

"Mr. Stupid NoHead?"


"What about Rotta?" Sebiscuits asked intently.

"I don't think Rotta was there. I think he recruited her recently. Now Paige, I have something to show you. Sebiscuits, stay where you are," he added when Sebiscuits turned to follow. They headed down a hall.

"This is my laboratory," said Baby Intelligence. "I've added your DNA to the controls."

Paige frowned.

"Don't ask how I got your DNA," Peter added quickly. "I have my ways." 

Paige nodded reluctantly.

"Before you go in, promise not to tell Sebiscuits," Peter continued.

"Why not?" Paige asked.

Baby intelligence aimed the staff at Paige, just barely close enough to her face to get her attention. "I don't completely trust him yet, and he'll be really jealous of you. Especially because we've been partners for almost two weeks."

"Oh, right. Right. I promise."

Baby Intelligence held his hand against a scanner and rapidly dialed a 6-digit code with his staff. In response, Paige held her hand against the scanner too.

The wall in front of them opened, revealing Peter's secret lab. Paige's eyes grew wider and wider as she looked around.

"Yep," said Peter. "I've been very busy at this. Using technology to make the world--and the MBH--a better place. There's a few robotic janitors...and an army! These robots can fold up to look like toy rockets! That way they can release any moment and open fire. We'll need an army with us, I can guarantee that. I also built my own 3D printer to print out anything we might need. There's also some technical projects I'm tinkering with...even I have no idea how they'll turn out. Come, sit."

"OK," said Paige. She settled in a comfortable chair next to Baby Intelligence. A giant Pinewood Derby emerged behind a glass chamber, moving slowly toward the other end of the wall.

"I made a Pinewood Derby for us. You wouldn't fit." The car exited at one end, and a skyfighter appeared at the other end. "That is made up for. You have a skyfighter of your own! I'm also making a new emergency skyfighter." The skyfighter exited.

"You're a genius!" Paige exclaimed in awe.

"Thank you very much!" Peter replied, smiling.

Now the training began. Baby Intelligence was a stern teacher, but only because he felt their defiance and confusion. He didn't allow TV or video games, fearing they would get addicted to the brain-frying source. He knew the Internet was important, so he blocked all the non-educational sites. (However, Paige hid an iPad with games and videos, and secretly shared it with Sebiscuits.) Baby Intelligence also kept them in tip-top shape.

A short period later, Baby Intelligence called a meeting.

"NoHead's robots have been located near a lake in Palmyra," Peter began. "We must act on this!"

Paige was definitely eager, and it took all her energy to suppress a formal look. "Yes. This will lure Mr. Stupid NoHead into the open. He will be no match for our combined power."

How many times have I drilled this into you? Baby Intelligence thought with a frown. "Do not underestimate his power. We do not know the way. We need help." He paused. "In other words, we're going. You are dismissed."


The three Supers flew toward the office, hoping someone there could help. They went inside. The lights were dim and nobody was at the front desk.

"No one's here!" said Paige.

"No, a light's on," Sebiscuits replied, turning his head. They followed the light into a small room.

Baby Intelligence was shocked. Two mutant babies were at the other end of the room. One was taller and was clearly more solemn, one was shorter and far more outgoing. These homeless orphans survived together. They had come to the lobby for shelter.

"Who are you?" asked Baby Intelligence.

"I'm Baby Strength, and this is Force Baby," said the taller one. "I have Super Strength--"

"And I can use the Force!" Force Baby butted in. "The Force has so many uses."

"That's amazing!" said Sebiscuits. "We're headed somewhere called Palmyra, but we don't know the way. Could you take us there?"

"Sure!" said Force Baby, grinning.

The five of them flew toward Palmyra--a very moist place. Force Baby and Baby Strength hitched a ride on Paige's skyfighter. Finally, they landed.

"The robots have started up their main power generator," Paige reported as she climbed out of her fighter.

"Then now is the time," Peter replied. "Charge!"

The five mutants rushed toward the lake. Tanks rolled in from the opposite edge. "Forward!" one of the robots shouted.

As the battle began, Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits, and Paige were all surprised. Baby Strength tore open doors to take out the robots and tar them in two, thus controlling the tanks. Force Baby pulled back the tanks and redirected missiles at the tanks Baby Strength couldn't reach.

Before long, Sebiscuits found himself alone, far behind the raging battle.

"Where did Sebiscuits go?" Paige asked as she fought beside Baby Intelligence.

Baby Intelligence looked around. "He--he--" He turned to see a group of robots advancing. I'm sure Sebiscuits is fine, he thought, and helped Paige engage them.

Finally, the battle was over. The mutants had won! Everyone cheered...except Sebiscuits, who was sulking in the same spot.

"Do you want to join us?" Baby Intelligence asked the two orphans.

"I--I don't know..." Baby Strength stuttered.

"You'll be well fed and clothed," said Baby Intelligence softly. "I built a 3D printer. You'll have a home. The MBH rocks! You can use your amazing powers to uplift others. To save their lives. To fight evil! Force Baby, are you with me?"

"Yeah!" Force Baby cheered. Baby Strength was silent.

"Please, Baby Strength. The SMSB will be your family."

That did it. "Really? Of course I'll join!"

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